Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday in New England

Thank you all for the lovely compliments on the photos I shared on Saturday.  I am finally catching up with reviewing and editing the photos from our trip to Spain and I am happy to know that you enjoy seeing some of them.  I am trying to get more of my personal projects finished this year.

When I was at church this morning I thought about the difference between our fairly typical small town New England church and the cathedral in Toledo.  I know it is comparing apples to oranges but I thought I'd post a few photos to share with you all.  Many of you have written to say that you also enjoy seeing photos of Concord, the historic town where we live in Massachusetts.

It was a glorious winter day with a brilliant blue sky.  Our church is quite typical with a tall steeple and bell tower and a long side extension for the Sunday school classrooms and offices.

There are four tall arched windows on each side of the sanctuary.  The glass is plain and allows plenty of light to enter.  There are also simple sconces and chandeliers.

There is a balcony across the back of the church.  When I was a child I loved to sit in the balcony of our church in Pennsylvania and look down over the congregation.

Through the door on the right is the Church Library and the Fellowship Hall is through the door on the left.  There are usually simple flower arrangements on stands in the front and when there are new babies born to members of the Church and their families, a rose is placed on the altar table.  Today there were two roses, including one for the first grandchild of our senior minister.

The walls are plain and the woodwork is very simple.  It is painted a slightly rosy shade of white in contrast to the walls.  The choir sings from this loft and the organist somehow manages to play and conduct with her back to the singers!

There are no fancy ceilings but this skylight is very pretty.   Simple lines without much ornamentation - a very typical New England Protestant Church.

Just a quick reminder...

There are a few days left to take on the challenge I gave you in the beginning of the month.  Thanks to Emily and Jules who have posted their links already.  I have extended the date until February 1st when I return from Germany - I am sure that I'll be able to find a great prize while I am there.

You can find the original post with all of the details HERE.  I'd love to see some more people take the challenge - maybe I gave you too long to do it (should I give a shorter deadline next time?).

For those of you on the email subscription - my timing is a bit off for the past few days.  I will be posting a Monday organization idea later in the day and then will try to get back on the 6 a.m. release timing for the rest of the week and while I am away.

February 1st, the day I return from Germany, will be the fourth anniversary of my blog.  I have a blogoversary celebration planned with some fun prizes for three lucky people.  I am really excited to have a chance to thank all of you who take the time to read and comment on my blog and I hope you will join in the fun!

The photo at the top of this post is of our neighbor's fence.  I love seeing the little "caps" of snow on the fence posts!

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  1. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures. The church is Gorgeous

  2. I love the contrast between the two churches- both have very significant reasons for ornmamentation and lack thereof. We are having a very nice winter here in Michigan- although it is 40 right now and supposed to go lower as the day progresses. I love walking from my bus stop and seeing all the details there are on trees when it snows. Have a lovely day!

  3. I had a great idea for the challenge but couldn't get it done before I "flew" south as a snowbird. No Cricut or paper or embellishments in sight. *sigh*

    Have a wonderful time in Germany.

  4. Hello Diane these are great. I love the cathederial pictures. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Even though I have spent too little time in New England (but it's on my bucket list!), the pics you shared are so homey looking that a feeling of nostalgia began to well up in me. What a beautiful part of our country! TFS

  6. What a beautiful day you had yesterday. I love your Church. It has a simple and subdued beauty of it's own. I love the 2nd photo of your Church exterior. The contrast of the blue sky, the wonderful towering Church and the stark bare trees looks great ;- ) TFS!

  7. I just love your blog! For several years it has been my first craft blog to read everyday. I so enjoy seeing what you have created and with all the photos you share of your trips, it's almost like a travel blog to places I know I will never get to see. Your photos are so inspiring! Thank you for all you do for us. Congrats on your 4th year anniversary! Here's to many more!
    MCF's Mimi

  8. I do so enjoy your blog Diane! It is the first one I looks at daily! I am so very impressed with your talents and all that you share. Keep creating and sharing--and teaching us!


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