Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A few More Valentine's Projects revisited...

Today is my last full day in Germany and the last day in January. There are only two weeks left until Valentine's Day.  I have some links to share for projects I did a couple of years ago that you may have missed.  The little metal mailboxes are commonly found in Target store dollar spots.  I printed and cut magnet material to decorate them.  All of the details are at THIS POST.

This mobile is one of the more complicated projects I have done.  It isn't difficult but it does take some time to cut everything and assemble all of the pieces.

It took me a while to lay out the pieces - I have trouble doing "random!"  All of the directions with lots and lots of photos are at THIS POST.

I can't wait to tell you all about our adventures.  Please send good thoughts for safe journeys as Mandy travels back to Australia, Enfys returns to England and I head back to the States tomorrow - thanks!

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  1. TO efein:Safe travel back 2 Ur Hm, Give Ur body mine psyche time 4 re0adjustment. & 2 the rest of U may Ur times aways continue to be filled w/insiring experiences. Ur time away right now is a gift as U
    well know. Blessings, B SAFE, STAY
    ALERT. most of all EN-ter in-2-the
    JOY,of each second,(4 me this is ONE of the definitions of EN-JOY)
    Peace to all of You<(^O*)>

  2. I'm so glad you three have had a wonderful time in Germany. I'm anxious to hear about your trip. God be with you and guide you safely home.


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