Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something to think about...

I was searching for something on and off all day on Wednesday - and thinking about organization...

I called a photo repair shop and found out that Nikon has a five year warranty on their lenses.  In order to send my broken lens in for repair, I need the original receipt and some other paperwork that came with the camera.    No problem, I thought - I save everything (those of you who know me in real life know that this is true!).

I found all of the other paperwork, a neatly labelled file folder that says "Diane's New Nikon" (with the ad for the camera from 2007) but I still can't find that receipt.  I have discovered through my searching that I have entirely too many outdated and useless bits of paper stashed around our house.  In addition to reorganizing the craftroom, I need to do some serious purging all through the house.  (Middle School newsletters when your youngest is a college graduate - it's time to let go!).

I will find that receipt.  It must be here somewhere (though why it is not in the file or with the other papers is a mystery).  The interesting thing is that I have come across all sorts of other things while I have been looking for that elusive receipt.  Some are "priceless" and and some are ridiculous (the schedule of events at the public library from three years ago...).  I'll keep looking until I find it and try to get rid of all of the outdated stuff that is just taking up space.


This was the daily quote in the Boston Globe on Wednesday.  When I first read it in the morning I hadn't started on my search for the receipt.  I assumed it would be in the file and it would only take a few minutes to track it down.

What this quote made me think about was the state of my crafting island.  You may have noticed that the photos of the trimmer storage were pretty tightly cropped.  That's because the top of the island is usually covered (and I mean really fully covered!) with bits and pieces from recent projects, things I just purchased and haven't put away, notes with ideas I want to try - you name it - it lands on the island.

While it is very untidy, I often find that when I am putting together a card or another project, some little bit or piece on the island gives me a great idea and helps me to create something that is better than what I may have originally planned.  So the "things in my way" do lead to some happy accidents.

So the question is - how do you find the balance between having everything neatly put away (so there is no chance of having a "happy accident") and total chaos with the risk that you will never find what you are looking for?

What do you think?  (...has anyone seen my receipt?)

Please leave a comment - I'd love to hear what you think about creating and keeping the balance between order and chaos.  If you just wanted to see something cute or pretty today - here is a card I made a couple of years ago - you'll find the original post HERE.

Have a great day!

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  1. All important docs I scan into my computer than back them up on an external hard drive. So no matter what happens I can access them at all times. They wont get lost if I move and there is no place to store them. The only originals I keep are the very important papers like birth certificate, marriage certificate and so forth. When I first did it, it took forever to scan everything. Now that it is a habit I just scan when I bring in the receipt or whatever important thing it is. And then I have more room for crafts :)

  2. I have to say I am in the same situation as you. I recently accepted a new job and they want to see a copy of my hs diploma. Well...I thought (just like you did), "no problem, I know exactly where it is." LOL! I can find the darn thing. I can find my enrollment papers into college, I can find the transfer request when we moved to Indiana. Just like you I have torn this place apart and still no luck...grrrrr! I unfortunately have not had the same success as you with a "happy accident".

    Good luck on your receipt!

  3. If u paid 4the lens w/Ur CreditCard
    U might think of calling them, they might B able 2 help U, with a copy of the electronic autorization
    & mayB the Lens company will accept
    that form of paperwork. I would do this 1st & then call them what can they say AFTER U went through all
    that effort 2 get them the info.
    Basically they need 2 know that U R the one who made the purchase &
    when, 2 show nU R still w/in the
    time-frame of the warranty.Allthe
    best to U hope this helps<(^O*)>In reply to the 1st comment there is a new gaget, I'm sure You've seen it advertised on T.V. from what I've heard it really works! Now heres the mindblower! It reads the receipt, (i.e. food) so then the scaned info SENDS the copy of the receipt 2Ur files name 4Grocery,or hamr on receipt fm ACE would go 2 Ace or HouseRepair etc.Another idea is the HAND SCANNER from HSN, which ALWAYS sells out& 4 crafters it's a MUST esp since U can scan ANYTHING, & make exact matches of anything, AND it scans receipts also, which U load then in2 Ur computer. Good-luck. Oh less we
    forget, whenU take a picture w/Ur
    ph, can't U unload it on Ur comput
    put the picture of the receipt in a file? just a thought<(^O*)> GBU

  4. I get to a point where the disorder of previous projects, purchases, etc. blocks my ability to move forward on ideas, projects, and I know I need to stop and reorganize. I know I've done enough when I can again envision ideas and future projects to a point where I can start working on them again. I like the idea of scanning all the docs..boy would that clear out some space!!!

  5. I completely agree with you about the balance. For my scrap area I like to keep a basket to put items in that need attention. Once the basket is full I know I need to clean it. For the rest of the house I am like in that you everything needs to be in its place. When it's not, it is quite baffling to me. Maybe when you filed the receipt it accidentally got put in the folders before or after it. Another option would be to check your cc statement as a record. Good luck finding it.

  6. I intend to clean things out soon! I've been saying that for a couple years. I dream of having everything neat and orderly but so far it hasn't happened. I've gotta go, I'm going to start right now (after I get off the computer.)

  7. I can work in a bit of clutter, but there needs to be enough space on my worktable to spread out. When the "junk" encroaches on my work space, I know it's time to put stuff away. On the receipt - did you buy two things the same day - and maybe the receipt is in with the other one? Knowing you would remember that...

  8. I've found that I MUST clean up immediately after I finish a project or I can't do anything new. The older I get, the more organization I need. Having said that. . . we recently traded in my husbands car. It happened rather unexpectedly, so we didn't have the pink slip with us. I said, no problem, it's in the file. It wasn't in the file and I've been looking for it for the last two months. Do you think these things grow legs and walk off?? Hope you find your receipt soon.

  9. Diane, my scrap table sounds exactly like yours! I have purchased small plastic baskets that I put bits and pieces in that I think will inspire me for future projects. I also stick bits and pieces in them while I'm working on a project, so I can find a scrap of something easily during my creative process. When I can't take the mess I usually go through and throw away scraps of paper from past projects and put away some of the embellishments I thought I would use but didn't. I keep the pieces for future inspiration in the little baskets though. My creative process sounds a lot like yours. I have no solutions for you otherwise. I'm hoping a good little elf will come to my house one night and purge everything I don't need.

  10. You may never find that receipt at all; you may find a blank piece of paper instead! The paper/ink most receipts are printed on these days doesnt last long, sometimes less than a year later I have found nothing more than a blank piece of paper, as all the ink had disappeared. I think it's poor business practice to require the original receipt for warranty coverages.

    I hope you get this taken care of without hassle. I would be so lost without my canon t2i!!


  11. Gooo morning, Diane -- I'm LOL hysterically because, of course, this is ME, too! Folder is made and labeled, but when I need (really NEED something!), it may not be in that properly- prepared folder!

    Do you have the original BOX for the camera? SometimesI keep (???) receipt in box thinking it will be handy for returning it.

    Just a guess ,but it's happened to us sometimes!

  12. I find that I need to have a structure of organization, then while creating have a happy chaos. Then I need to put stuff away for a later time, but I love that happy chaos of creation. Currently there is chaos, but no creation. Maybe I'll go home and create tonight! Hope you find that receipt!

  13. Wow - I thought I was organized. One thought for finding the receipt - if you purchased with a credit card,then maybe you can go back to your credit card statement if you have those. I can't get creative in chaos. In fact when I feel like my world is falling apart, I start organizing. I think it gives me a sense of having some control over things. When I start a layout, I go through my stickers, papers, etc. and get ideas that I want to use. Then that is what I use.

    Good luck finding your receipt.

  14. Oh, Diane... I feel your pain. I could never claim to be the most organized person in the world, but if it is something important, I usually put it somewhere like in the desk (the desk that I don't use) or pinned to a cork board. My husband, on the other hand, thinks nothing of shoving important papers (like titles for vehicles) or insurance information into random nooks and crannies, so that when we actually need them, it's somehow MY responsibility to find them, because he MUST have given them to me.

    As far as organization goes, my craft desk is fairly organized: I have all of my paper scraps color coded and put in individual Ziploc bags, and they have their own basket. When I'm in the throes of creativity, they usually get put in a pile on my side table, to be separated into ROY G BIV color-coordinated piles only (and I do mean only) when the pile has grown so big that it's falling over. I think it's probably one crafter in a thousand who can truly keep a "neat" workspace, because I think crafting calls to that certain set of people who don't obsessively organize things (is that right or left brained? I can never remember.) I think you are definitely better organized than most, in that you have a whole room dedicated solely to crafting, with all kinds of lovely nooks and crannies in which to place things. I wouldn't worry about it too much... the worrying will get in the way of your crafting!!

  15. Good luck finding the receipt. I'm still missing two Christmas presents for 2010.... For someone who needs to be organized (and not have messes around) my closets are a mess....and my scrap room is usually not tidy; but usable. It is the size of a postage stamp so I struggle with tidyness a lot. Be organized is a daily thing for me.

  16. I am so glad you posted this question. I have been reading the comment and they are great. Also I thought that work space of yours was alway clutter free and I am happy to know it isn't. I think I am an organized want to be. I am always organizing and then there is a mess at the end of one small project. I am really trying hard this year. I just open a little shop on my blog so I made a book today for all the receipts and sales. It is always hare to know what to save. I have tons of folders with receipts that I don't need and I am sure there are some I will need that I have no idea were it is. LOL Great post today. Thanks for doing it.

  17. I find sometimes when I cannot locate the receipt in the folder, I may have tucked it with my receipts for my tax return and will find it in that folder? I love my crafting stuff and when my craft space is too cluttered to function, i.e. knocking over piles, then it is time to clear it - I love the comfort of all my stuff around me when I am crafting and tend to have lots around me - have "project" containers though to keep things organized around me that are still on the go. I have to say though that purging soothes the soul - last year my husband left after 26 years and the best therapy in the world was purging every corner of my house - it is an ongoing process I have learned though and once you purge, you catch the bug to keep it up - I found when I was done, I was beginning again and still finding lots to purge - great therapy no matter the reason and such a good feeling to get the clutter out of your life.
    Tracey, ON Canada

  18. I do the same as The Beadin Texan...but I place ALL receipts in one folder.."reciepts2011" and scan (even IRS takes scan copies of receipts)once a month...also was the camera paid for by store charge, it would be on your statment it would even be on your credit card, they can back track your charges...hope this helps

  19. Thank you all for your suggestions and your descriptions of your organization (or lack thereof!).

    I found the receipt!!!!!

    The rest of the story is in Friday's blog post.

  20. I asked St Anthony to show you were your receipt for your Nikon is. I once had a printer that wasn't working when I moved and I had to give the company the information on the receipt only to realize as I was giving the girl the date of purchase was the day before one year. I also realized that the receipts fade as time goes on, my now husband told me I should make a hardcopy and attach it to the original in case I need the information on all my important purchases. So, I married him and he's a wonderful bookkeeper. Sorry, he's no longer available.
    Janet Cooney

  21. Oh boy, can I relate to "goals" this year are to get MORE organized...I have been working on it for weeks now...and its getting better, but, I do have a tax paper I cannot find anywhere...ugh....what has me get going is watching the hoarder scares the bejeebies out of me...LOL...very cute card!

  22. i always seem to have good intentions when it comes to organization, but sometimes it just seem to happen. i received a handheld scanner for christmas and immediately thought "what a great way to save receipts". I'm now scanning my receipts and saving them to a file on my computer. I'm hoping this is the answer to my problem. good luck finding your receipt.


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