Monday, January 30, 2012

Candy Treats - All Dressed Up

Valentine's Day is all about candy - and the simplest of treats can look very special with just a little bit of "dressing up!"  I designed these bags last year for classroom treats or party favors.  This type of candy bag is easy to make and there are endless variations.

You can find step by step directions for designing the bag toppers at THIS POST.  The directions for assembling the bags can be found at THIS POST.

One more day in Germany - by now I'm sure my mind will be full of new ideas and things to try - it will be great to get back home and start some new projects!

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  1. I remember these bags! I made toppers for my Halloween treat bags this year. I must get busy and make Valentine ones! I really like the piece of cardstock behind the treats to give it that polished look. TFS

  2. I must have seen this last year, but they just struck me as sooo super cute today. Maybe they did then too, you know how age works. You can show them to me again next year and I'll be impressed again then to, ha ha. Hope you're having a great time.

  3. Super cute!!!
    Sherrie K


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