Friday, January 27, 2012

Easy Valentine's Day Wreath

Today will be my first full day in Germany.  Before I left, I changed the wreath on the front door.  It will be February 1st when I get back with only a couple of weeks left to show some love for Valentine's Day!

Quite a few years ago, I bought a round wreath of pink hydrangeas at a store like Home Goods or Marshall's.  When I brought it home, I simply bent the base into the shape of a heart.  This is the underside of the wreath so you can see the shape - it isn't perfect but close enough!

You just need to adjust the flowers on the top side to try to get the heart shape to show clearly.

From a distance, the heart shape is pretty easy to see.  I like the way the pink looks on our blue door.  It is a nice fresh change from the evergreen, ivy and gold that we have up during the Christmas holidays.

Our entry is recessed (in the very practical New England style) so I don't have to worry about the wreath getting wet.  This sort of wreath is usually inexpensive - maybe around $10 (I don't remember exactly what I paid since it has been quite a few years).

Here is another wreath that is easy to make.  It is just a coat hanger shaped into a heart with strips of red and white fabrics knotted around the frame.  The fabric is cut with a pinked edge and the patterns are alternated.  I made this in a crafting group I belonged to when we lived in England and I don't have the exact details but it would be easy to duplicate.

There are a couple of tiny wooden hearts that are painted red and tied with ribbons to dangle in the center of the wreath.  An extra bow with several loops is tied to the point of the heart.  The fabric strips are about five inches long and an inch wide for this wreath of about eight inches.  You would just adjust the sizes to suit the finished size you would like for your wreath.

Do you do a lot of decorating for Valentine's Day?  I am definitely going to check out the German decorations.  I can't remember exactly what the did for Valentine's Day - I know that Easter decorations were very elaborate (at least in the town where we lived).

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  1. These are beautiful! I love Hydrangeas and that is an amazing wreath!

  2. Your wreath is so beautiful against your blue door. We used to always have to improvise to make decorations. I bent a tuna can to make a Easter egg cookie cutter! I decorate for every holiday. Just put up my window heart lights today. Have a wonderful trip.

  3. Your hydrangea wreath is stunning! And the red/white heart wreath is so cute. You always have great ideas. Thank you for sharing them with us.


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