Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 366 - First Week

A few people have asked about how I am doing my Project 366.  I know it will be a challenge to complete the entire year but I am off to a good start (it's only seven days so far but I am thinking positively!).  I did set up a separate blog for the daily photos.  If  you want to check it from time to time and help keep me accountable here is the link

It is a bare bones blog with just the photos and a few sentences of description for each photo. I am using the Blogger "dynamic views" which allows the reader to change the way they look at the blog.  The options are Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide.  I set it on Classic and I also like Flipcard and Snapshot.  Anyone reading the blog can choose the option they prefer.  It's an interesting way to look at the posts but I don't see how to add any widgets so you can't have an index or side column links, followers, etc.  You can leave a comment if you want to.

I thought it would be simplest to file the photos there and then do the weekly layouts and share them here.  I am still debating the style I want to use for the project but since I am doing it digitally I will be able to change things around if I want to.

I started off with a very graphic and modern look.  As I edit my photos each day I add a few sentences about the day in the "Tell the Story" section in my Creative Memories Memory Manager program.  These are the same sentences I add to the blog for each day.  For this week, I simply took all of the "blurbs" and added them to a text box on my page.

I added a number to each photo to match it with the description.  It looks a little odd to have the numbers so I may go back and make these a bit smaller and less obtrusive.  It might also be helpful to make the numbers in the description block bold and the same color as the numbers on the photos.  Once again, since this is digital, I can tweak it as I go along.

I will probably have this printed as a book at the end of the year.  In the StoryBook Creator program, I am able to use the "gutter" view to make sure that the words and pictures won't be cut off by the binding of the book. This screenshot shows the trimmed version of the page with the gutter on the left side.

Are any of you trying to do the Project 365 (366 this year)?  Are you going to make traditional pages or digital pages?  Fancy or clean and simple?  Don't forget - if every day seems like too big a commitment, you can also try the 12 on the 12th in 2012.  I will be doing the 12 pages as well (in case I give up on the daily photos).

We had incredibly warm weather here again - nearly 60 degrees in January!   I will be traveling again later this month  - to an overseas destination.  I hope the snow doesn't decide to arrive just when I need to get on an airplane.

Have a lovely Sunday - I hope the weather is mild where you are (unless you are trying to go skiing!).

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  1. I love your idea of 12 on the 12th in 2012 - I also use StoryBook Creator so this will be so easy. Thank you for inspiring me!

  2. This is very cool. What a great way to journal a year.

  3. I think I'm going to try the 12 on the 12th. I don't have a digital program so it will be a lot more time consuming to scrap. I really want to do this so I hope I don't forget to take the pics. Thanks for all the inspiration and the challenge. Hope I'm up to it.

  4. Thanks so much for your Project 365 link! I've signed up and it seems amazing to me that sometimes I have to CHOOSE which photo I have for the day. I'm sure there will a few days when I have NOTHING, but so far, that hasn't happened. I love the idea of the book at the end of the year...

  5. Your photos are always so interesting. Sometimes I'll see a beautiful sight and think to myself that you would love to take a picture of it. Enfys has already blown your travel sight! Sounds like so much fun.

  6. I have been challenged with my group. my friend who is a cm consultant has been texting us ideas each day. So far I am keeping up. I like what you have done with the digital software. I am going to challenge myself when I get home from church to take my first 7 +1 and create my first pape. I think I will do 8X8 so I can print this album myself. Thanks for share and inspiring!

  7. Jeepers Creepers Wowza wow-za wow
    I'm glad 4 u that u were able 2
    figure out a scape-clause out 4 Ur
    self. Also, I've given out Ur Blogs
    name 2 several others who s/of da
    same interest(only though nay they
    hadn't yet figured there R 366 days
    this leap Yr. Wouldn't it B great
    if there was a 366 Club?? Of course
    a 12 for 12 Club too, this way like
    Crops(?am I saying this correctly)
    Well I as others, WAIT 2 see!

  8. I'm going with the Pixels2Pages Challenge. Finished my first week's DPL and posted it on my blog. Sure hope I can get in the habit of a picture a day. Like your layout1


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