Monday, January 2, 2012

one-two-one-two (1-2-12) and Cookies

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great day yesterday to start off a wonderful year.  We had another day of incredibly mild weather but they say the cold will arrive soon, so my husband put out the "snow sticks" to mark our drive and path before it's too late! 

As you may know if you are a regular reader, I am fascinated by numbers and patterns and I couldn't resist pointing out that today's date is 1-2-12 or "one-two-one-two."  If you say that out loud and use a sort of Lawrence Welk intonation "a one and a two and a one and a two" it definitely seems like the sound of a new beginning (If you are too young to know who Lawrence Welk was, other than the Fred Armisen - Saturday Night Live version, here is a LINK to the Wikipedia article about him).

The photo at the top of this post is my first for "Project 365" (it just occurred to me that this is leap year so I suppose that should be "Project 366!"). Our son and his girlfriend made gingerbread cookies and decorated them using the food markers that I wrote about last year in THIS POST.


I decorated heart shaped cookies after learning about the food coloring markers from a friend.  I used Cricut cuts as stencils for most of the designs.


This is what happens when two recent college graduates let their imaginations take over the cookie decorating - no stencils here!

Current events commentary and some semi-self portrait cookies...

Teeny tiny ants (!)...

Tributes to some favorite artists (Warhol, Magritte, Mondrian)...


Cookies with QR codes?...

The rabbit with the handlebar mustache is made from the legs of a gingerbread girl that fell apart in the baking stage.  The hummingbird and the heart in a star are a couple of my favorites...

...but this one really says it all!

So - we had some fun on New Year's Day and spent a lovely evening with our neighbors making homemade pizza and indulging in Christmas candy!

Back to the 1-2-12...  A lot of people have said that they think the Project 365 (or 6) concept sounds great but it is just too overwhelming.  Another idea that I have seen may be more manageable.  It is the 12-12-12 project.  Take twelve photos on the twelfth of each month in 2012 and make 12 double page layouts with the photos for an annual album.  Anyone want to try that one instead?

I am still planning to try to do the daily photos and I think I'll set up a separate blog just for the photos.  I'll post the layouts I do with the photos both here and on that blog.

Today we have to take down the tree at the museum - the exhibit is over.  Our trees here at home will stay up a while longer (the live one will go out this weekend).  Do you let Christmas linger or are you a "put it all away by the New Year" person?

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  1. Great looking cookies! Decorated cookies this year also with my adult children. I think it was messier than when they were younger. Lol I like to undecorate right after Christmas. I did wait until 30th when my daughter left and then everything came down.

  2. Arghhh! I just lost a huge post! Not very happy with google right now! Anyway I love the cookies - what type of markers did you use? Also, in a nutshell - the tree is coming down today - I hope! Happy New Year, Diane!

  3. I love the cookies! would love to know what icing you use as the base for the colouring.

    As for decorating, we usually leave things up for the New Year because we have a big house party and it looks so festive. We usually take the decorations down the weekend before school starts again or by the twelfth night, January 5th, whichever comes first.

  4. Yummy lookin' cookies! I need to get into doing some baking again. I did so much over the holidays, hard to get in the mood. Love your decorating...interested in that marker. Where did you get that? TFS!
    Sherrie K

  5. I love the creativity of the cookies!!! Too cute to eat!

    Good luck with your Project 366. I am going to go with the 12 on 12 this year (did it in 2010 and loved it after doing P365 in 2009). I like the ring of 12 pix on the 12th of 2012 this year. I did a digi LO each month last time and plan to do the same this year.

    Happy New YEar!

  6. Almost too cute to eat, but not quite.

  7. Ah the days of "fun w/cookies" rather than being stuck here in this bed! As far as trees go, I used 2 keep it up till Candle Day
    Feb 2! It was always a joke as 2
    if it would stay up all yr & how 2
    decorate it, July was a fav-w/red,
    white, blue, & beach items!LOL Now
    I don't have 2 put one up, a small one that lights up w/the computer
    & fibersomething lights!

  8. Loved this post with your fun cookies! How wonderful to decorate cookies with your kids and they are creative like their Mom. Happy New Year!

  9. Love love the cookies and what a great idea for keeping college kids busy and creative!
    I am usually a put away by New Year kind of person but if I am hosting a early in Jan event then I will keep up the decor until it is over.
    Good luck with your 366 project...way to many older photos to deal with for me to take that one on! LOL

  10. Love all the cookie designs... I would hate to eat I love the 365 project as well. I did one 2 years ago and I think I will do one this year. My picture yesterday was the Ravens! GO RAVENS! LOL I also like the project to take pics the whole month and then do a 2-pg layout for each month.. or more depending on nbr of pics. Thanks for all you share.

  11. I forgot to comment on decorating...I love snowmen so they are all over the house and stay out untl spring. I would love to leave my tree up (which is also decorated w/snowmen) but not sure about that.

  12. We generally travel for the holidays and so don't decorate. This year my in-laws came and my son was SO HAPPY to have a tree. The in-laws left yesterday and the tree is bare and ready to go out, since the Texas humidity seems to have made it quite crispy! Happy New Year, Diane!

  13. I am going to try the P365. I like the idea of the 12 on 12 but I think with my cell phone camera, I will be able to do photos each day. Here's to 366 in 2012!

  14. The cookies were so cute! I have decided that the 12-12-12 project is doable and have my calendar marked to do it! Happy New Year -- I look forward to a creative 2012!

  15. I admit to knowing who Lawrence Welk is, and I remember my parents watching his show on Saturday evenings! Your cookies are terrific-looks like such fun decorating them with your family. I need to get my decorations down today and should be working on it now. We took the outside stuff down yesterday, but it wasn't much, so that was easy. The inside is much more complicated. Wish me luck--Pat N.

  16. I LOVE all the Christmas decorations and really delay taking them all down--partly because I work SOOO many hours that they are slow to go up, so once they are there I like to enjoy them! And, partly because I work SOO many hours it takes a long time to take them down once I start the proicess! But, I am fortunate in that trees "like" to be in my house--I usually get new growth on them! Weird I know!

    What fun cookies you displayed! I'm sure a fun time was had by all!

  17. funny that you mentioned Lawrence Welk because as I read the title in my mailbox this morning it was the first thing I thought of! I think your cookies are a hoot! I couldn't pick a favorite - and I bet they all tasted delicious. Christmas lingers at my house. I like to enjoy all the beautiful things for awhile.

    Thanks for always entertaining me! Happy New Year

  18. Great looking cookies,I need stencils.Wish I had a big house that I could have a Christmas room.Christmas of 71 I bought my 1st artificial scotch pine and it stayed up 6 months. Thanks for the link to Lawrence Welk info. My grandmother grew up on the farm across from him(her family came from the Odessa region).Love the idea of 12 on 12 couldn't do 366 yet.

  19. Loving the cookies! The Magritte homage is cracking me up!
    My goal for the year is to finish albums that I've started and have not finished. After that I need to do a number of vacation albums.
    Thanks for sharing the fun designs!

  20. Love the cookies. I haven't set any goals for this year yet. Although there will definitely be a crafting one!

  21. I have often decorated cookies with my children and grandchldren over the years. This year I took pictures of the cookies made individually by my two youngest sons. I'm going to make a layout entitled "Cookie Wars."

  22. Love the cookies :- ) What fun! We leave our tree up for all 12 days of Christmas, so it's up until the epiphany. I should say then we start to think about taking it down, ha ha. It depends upon what's gong on around here. Have a great week, Diane.


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