Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Catching Up - Simple Treat Holder

I had a rather crazy day, lots of errands,  a follow up appointment for my hand surgery that took much longer than expected (everything is fine - they were just really backed up...) and lots of other last minute things to do before I leave for Germany on Thursday.

I had planned to post something new that I just designed.  I didn't get a chance to do the test cut so I thought I'd give a link back to a simple and cute treat holder I made for Valentine's Day a couple of years ago.  You will find the full post with the directions and file for making the treat holder HERE.

In the same post you'll find the file and directions for making these heart lanterns...

...and a card you can make with the "leftovers."

It's hard to believe how quickly January has flown by.  It really doesn't feel like winter this year - the temperature was in the mid 50's today and nearly all of the snow is gone again. 

I hope to get a little crafting time in on Wednesday - but the packing has to be done first! 

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  1. wonderful projects
    thank you

  2. Great projects, but, do you ever stay home? LOL

  3. You are so creative and thrifty! I can't stand throwing away any paper so I just LOVE (pun intended) how you used the scraps to create the card!

  4. I am always truely amazed at how much you are able to get done! I have been a follower for a few years and do not remember these projects. Thanks for the encore!

  5. Diane, Love that project. I am very into Valentines Day this year, My granddaughter just turned five--she is homeschooled, but her family is at Church every Sunday. We had a 4 generation dinner the other night and she passed out family valentines, so simple, but so cute!
    So want to do something fun for her and her 3 younger brothers. All too small even for the battery lights, but inspired by your ideas, as always!


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