Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting Organized - Ranger Stickles and Inks

I have been adding more Distress Inks to my supplies.  I like experimenting with various techniques and the colors are so beautiful.  I also have a pretty good size collection of Stickles that I have built up over the years.  I decided it was time to tackle the organization of these items.  For the most part, I have been keeping them in JetMax cubes and that works fine.  The difficulty comes in remembering the shades of the colors - some of them are only slightly different and the names can be confusing.

I started out labeling the distress ink pads with my Dymo Labelmaker.  The tapes for this gadget are fairly pricey and I wanted to be able to label all four sides to make it easier to put them away.  This would take quite a bit of tape so I looked for an alternative.

I discovered that there are a series of charts and labels available to download from the Ranger Ink site.  Just click HERE to go the the page on the site where you can find lots of free label sheet PDFs that work with Avery brand 5267 labels for your ink pads.  These labels are 1/2 inch by 1 3/4 inch and there are 80 labels on a sheet so another brand might work if you can't find Avery labels.

There are also color charts for lots of other Ranger products.  You can print these and add the colors you own for a handy reference when working on a project or shopping.

When I was at CHA last year, I had a chance to make a few of these charts.  Tim Holtz actually autographed the Distress Stain chart at the top right.  It's very handy to grab the chart and check colors.  For the stain, we did samples on sticky back canvas as well as directly on the cardstock.

I have done my Liquid Pearls and Stickles so far.  I have a Stickles color called "gunmetal" that wasn't on the chart so I added it at the top.  I am also not sure if "midnight blue" (on the chart) and "dark blue" (on my bottle) are the same color but it was the only spot left so I put it there.

You can see the effect of the liquid pearls very clearly on the chart.

When you fill up the chart be sure to go in order from top to bottom so you hand won't bump into wet Stickles!  All of the clear colors are across the bottom row.  


I did a post a couple of years ago that shows the differences between the various clear colors - if you missed that post you can find it HERE

One more tip for using the Distress Ink pads.  If you have the room and the funds, you could buy a handle for each color and keep the foam pad on it for easy use.  I only have a few handles and I just keep the foam pieces tucked under each ink pad (the base is recessed just the right amount).  You can add a small velcro dot (the loopy side) to keep the foam pads attached to the correct ink pad.

Thanks to the Ranger Company for providing these easy charts and labels - it helps all of us to get (and we hope - stay!) organized.  It also shows you which colors you still need - I think I'll have to go find the Liquid Pearl and Stickle colors that I am missing!

(did you hear the latest news - they are adding Distress Markers to the line - see HERE - one more thing to organize!)

A couple of notes...

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Christmas is almost all back up in the attic - things are starting to look more normal around here!
Just a few days until I leave for the trade shows in Germany.  I'll do my best to post while I am away but there may be some delays.  I will definitely tell you all about it when I get back next week!

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  1. Thank You for ALL that YOU DO 2Help
    us, U R so on the ball, w/sharing Ur finds,hints,discounts,new sites
    reminders. You do this for us EVEN when YOU will NOT BE the the one who GETS SOMETHING out of HELPING
    us. Like just about EVERYthing you say TODAY! Thank-YOU really, I'm sure there are many of us out there
    who feel this way & ARE GRATEFUL 2 U just 4 this very reason.<(^O*)>

  2. Wonderful ideas Diane! I just organized my Distress ink I am going to do a video later this week. I wasn't sure if they should be up side down like other ink because of the funny lid but it makes sense. I use old small SU wood blocks, cut the pad in half and have one for each color. Then I have a little bit of velcro on the block and the ink pad and have them in little shelves I made with the block out. It kinda looks like drawers. I need to make a chart so I don't buy doubles. LOL

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on those labels, Diane. I've been meaning to label mine since I've seen your post, but haven't yet and this will make it faster ;- ) and cheaper, even better!

  4. Thankyouthankyouthankyou! This was such a perfect post for me. I'm just starting my collection of distress inks, but I already know I'm addicted! Now I can start off the right way :) Thank you for posting the links to the charts, those are priceless! My favorite is the tip about starting the Stickles chart from top to bottom. Somehow, they ALWAYS managed to get smeared, lol!

  5. thank you so much for sharing all this info and I'm so excited about the distress pens too! xx

  6. thank you!!! great idea...have lots of fun with Mandy and Enfys..and share with us the great stories and pics......

  7. Thanks for this!! Great tips! I especially like putting the pad on the bottom with velcro! I'll never have a handle for each one, so this is a great idea for keeping them together!!


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