Friday, January 20, 2012

Successful Search and Hello Thursday

Thanks so much to everyone who posted or emailed me with helpful suggestions about finding my missing receipt.  I do appreciate all of you for looking out for me!

Good news - I found the receipt!  Inside  the folder for the camera was the original ad from the week I bought the camera.  It showed a package deal with a "free" photo printer - free after you mailed in a rebate form.  Then I remembered - I did get the printer and send in for the rebate - Aha!  I looked and found another file for the photo printer and there were copies of all the rebate paperwork and the original camera receipt.

I still don't know if the repair will be covered under the warranty but it is worth a try.  Apparently the plastic used in the mounting mechanism is known to get brittle.  So now I have to wait and see - and I just have to use the small camera in the meanwhile.

I think it often doesn't matter which camera you use if you have good photo editing software and are comfortable with using it.  Here is a quick example...

I took this photo of some of the Russian Santa figures that I have collected over the years.  I wanted to photograph them all before putting them away so I can do a layout for my book of collections.  There are in front of a window and I didn't want to use a flash - as you can see the lighting is terrible!

Here is the same photo after cropping, adjusting the light levels, sharpening, and adjusting the colors and contrast.  I don't use Photoshop - I use the Creative Memories Memory Manager program to organize and edit my photos.  I think it is much easier to learn and faster to use.

I am sure I could get a better photo with my D40 - but for now the Coolpix will have to do.  If the repair is not covered by the warranty I will have to decide whether to buy a new lens.  Please keep your fingers crossed that they fix it under warranty - a new lens would be several hundred dollars!

Hello Thursday

Yesterday was the third Thursday of the month - and the day when new cartridges are announced by ProvoCraft.  There are ten new cartridges.

Full Cartridges:

Letter Envy (the exclusive Cricut Circle cartridge for the next quarter)
Elmo and Friends Holiday 
Type Candy

Lite Cartridge: 

Fun in the Sun 

Project and Event Cartridges:

My Quiet Book
Baby Shower
Bridal Shower
Giant Flowers

Imagine Cartridge:

Greeting Cards Inside and Out

 Click HERE to go to the Hello Thursday page on the site.  You will see colorful boxes with the names of each cartridge on the shelves.  Click on a cartridge box and a pop up window will show you the "look book" for that cartridge.

You can see some projects made with these cartridges on the Official Cricut Blog HERE.

Joy (Obsessed with Scrapbooking) and Melanie (Courtney Lane Designs) will be posting projects on their blogs over the next few days.

I haven't really had a chance to look carefully at this latest round of cartridges. At first glance there isn't anything I can't live without but I'll need to look more carefully.  Are there any that you particularly like?

Travel Plans:

I am not going to the Winter CHA show in California.  At this time next week I will have arrived in Frankfurt, Germany.  I'll be meeting up with Mandy from Scrappy-go-Lucky in Australia and Enfys (Going Buggy) is coming from England.  We will be attending several trade shows (PaperWorld,  CreativeWorld, ChristmasWorld) and we'll be looking for the latest and greatest trends from Europe.  I'll try to post some updates while I am there - there should be good internet availability.

It's snowing and accumulating - the most snow we've had this winter.  Stay safe if you are in a snowy place.

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  1. Wow, your trip sounds terrific! Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

  2. Safe travels! You do lead an adventurous life!

  3. So glad you found your receipt.
    Photo taking is always a mystery for me. I think I have the setting right for my pictures and sometimes it is great and sometimes not so great. This is when I am trying to take pictures of my cards to post. I have the best results in the sun but that isn't always there when I need it. I really need some classes. I use PSE to edit my photos but I am still learning how to use that.

  4. Safe travels, and I am looking forward to your posts from Europe. It is always interesting to see what the trends are across the pond.

  5. sooooo happy you found your receipt!... not to thrilled with the new carts...they really look like copies of old carts???? looks like the designers are have images burn out....there hasn't been anything exciting to run out and get for a long time BUT your trip sounds more thrilling and fun I would luv to be in your suitcase :) give the girls a big hug from us followers...big fan of all three of the trip for all three of you.....don't forget the pics

  6. I'm intrigued with the Giant Flowers cart and look forward to seeing Joy and Melany's projects. My husband has a D40 and all the lenses and loves it. Hope they honor your receipt. Have a fun and safe trip to Germany. We've had record snow and now on to the flooding. Loving La Nina!!

  7. Diane - glad you found your receipt! As you are so organized, can you offer us any suggestions for naming the CCR or DS files so that we can find them easily? My folder is overwhelming, and it won't allow multiple folders.

  8. Sounds like a great trip. Have fun.

  9. Have a wonderful time on our trip and I am so happy you found the receipt. I like the idea of the quiet book but funds aren't there to buy any cartridges at this time. I just got the Expression 2 so will have to be content to just look for now.


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