Friday, January 13, 2012

My 12 on the 12th for January

How did you do with taking 12 photos on the 12th yesterday?  I hope some of you were able to try it.  I expected that it would be easy to decide which photos to take and use but I kept changing my mind.  Next month, I might think ahead and make a plan (well...I probably won't...but it's nice to imagine I'll be that organized!).

I promised to share my photos so here goes!  If you have posted your 12 on a blog and want to share the link to your post, you can use the inlinkz tool at the bottom of this post and then anyone who is interested can see what others chose to photograph.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I cling to the holiday season and decorations much longer than "normal" people.  Last night, (which was actually very early this morning) the "rain turning to snow" had started and I noticed this reflection of the lights on the deck.  I took this photo through a sliding glass door. We'll probably take down the back yard lights this weekend, the front yard decorations (except the wreath) came down last weekend.

Just as predicted, the rain turned into snow and we finally got the first snow of the winter.  This was the first test of our new overhang that was added to help with the ice dam problems we had last year (those of you who live in warmer climates can just ignore this part - it won't make sense to you...).

The snow turned back into rain later in the day.  The rain made an interesting texture on the screen outside the sun room window.  This angel was made by my brother and often stays in the window long past the holiday season - by summer she'll be back in the attic.

I am still using the little "purse camera" since the plastic bits that hold the lens on my DSLR camera snapped when I dropped it and I haven't been able to get it fixed yet.  One of my goals for this year is to continue to work on my photography and photo editing skills.  I like the tight focus and the reflection in the silver ball.  These are "crackled" glass ornaments that I bought the first year or second year we lived in this house.

The kitchen island attracts piles of papers - I never seem to be able to keep it empty for more than half a day.  As soon as the mail arrives, things start to pile up.  We have to complete this Town Census form every year.  Sometimes I don't get it turned in within ten days - they haven't removed us from the voting rolls yet!

I was clearing off the island to make room to roll out a pie crust.  Sometimes I make a "real" apple pie instead of the super easy and delicious Swedish apple pie.  The peeling of the apples takes longer than you'd expect but the results are delicious.  These were some of the last of the apples we had from last year's crop from the family apple farm.

I actually like to make pie crust and this trusty rolling pin has worked well for years.  It isn't a solid piece of wood like the one my mother used to use but the handles have never come off.  I had a few other rolling pins that fell apart before I found this one.

I miscalculated the amount of pie crust needed for this large pie plate (just wasn't paying attention I guess since I have made  many pies in this dish).  Usually I pinch the two crusts together but I had to just roll it and some juices bubbled out - still delicious!  The best thing is that this recipe is actually totally vegan. The recipe for the crust uses canola oil so our son can still enjoy the pie.

After I made the pie, I noticed that we still have a bag of cranberries in the refrigerator.  I should probably cook them up soon.  At least the fridge is clean and has some healthy food in it - a relief after all of the holiday chocolate...

The Don Quixote magnet holds the first Christmas card from the newlyweds - I kept it up because this is such a nice photo.  We finally got to talk to them in the evening for the first time after their long trip to Morocco and the Canary Islands.

My husband always notices interesting papers and printing that I might like and brings samples home for me.  This is a very heavily embossed printing of wood bark that looks a lot like the real thing.  I'll probably cut this up to use for a card or other project - watch for it!  We had a laugh at the tag line, "Cougar - a force of nature." 

I just started playing Words with Friends - I love word games but had never played any Facebook games.  My first game ended in defeat - but only by 15 points.  The rematch has already started. 

So there really wasn't a theme to my photos - just some random things from my day.  That's fine with me, I think it will be interesting to look back on these days of photos at the end of the year and see reminders of a few things that were happening in my life on a certain day.

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I hope you have some nice plans for the weekend - I am looking forward to some serious crafting time...

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  1. Your pie looks Yummy.
    I made a apple crisp yesterday so must had been apple making day :}
    Understand fully about your overhang. We moved from Iowa to Ok. and finally settled in Texas.

  2. You always take such interesting pictures, very unique angles and views of ordinary objects. Love them!

  3. I enjoyed seeing your pictures and the variety of things you photgraphed. The "S" word is in our weekend forecast! Oh dear!

  4. our first snow was yesterday here in St. Louis MO...on my birthday! I've had many a cancelled bday party over the years due to weather! loved how you went through your day, you are an inspiration, i need a boost to my mojo right now!

  5. Silly me. When you first mentioned 12 on the 12th, I thought it was to scrap pictures you had already taken. I like what you're doing but I'm way too far behind in my other pictures to take 12 random ones. Now that I will be a snowbird for 2 months, I won't be able to scrap at all but I plan to do 12 of my already taken pics each month after my return.

    And I'm with you on Words with Friends. LOVE it! I have eight games going right now.

  6. I am so excited to do this, it wasn't until this early Saturday morning that I realized I want this to be about the activities that go on in my suburban back yard. I have a small pond (from Sam's, purchased several years ago) that provides me hours of delight. From the small goldfish there that live there year round (bubbler to keep it semi thawed (20 degrees outside right now) to the birds and squirrels. I decided to capture the year and that will be my focus. Thank you for the idea!


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