Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday odds and ends...

When you are out and about shopping this season you may notice some interesting store displays.  A few years ago, I particularly liked the decorations that were used at our local Starbucks and asked the manager what happened to the items when the season was over.  She told me to come by when they were taking the decorations down and I ended up bringing this wreath on a stick made of balls of yarn home.  It certainly was a great thing to keep out of the landfill!

This glittered bird started out as a bird made from Starbucks labels - another good "save."  You can see a few more photos at THIS POST.  I haven't spotted any decorations that I want to stalk yet this season but keep your eyes open.  It can't hurt to ask what will be done with the decorations after the holidays.  Some may be kept for reuse at the stores but if they are planning to toss them you might be able to add some interesting items to your holiday decorations. 

While I was driving to Pennsylvania I heard the song "Dynamite" (Taio Cruz) and I remembered the Hanukkah song video by the Maccabeats (an a cappella group from Yeshiva University).  I am a big fan of a cappella singing and I shared this a couple of years ago - I thought you might enjoy seeing it again during Hanukkah.

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