Sunday, January 4, 2009

Glitter to the Rescue!

Most mornings I go walking with a few of my friends ("the Goddesses!"). We meet early in the morning, around 6:30a.m., walk to the Town Park and then do laps around the track so we can walk alongside each other to hear all the news. We generally end up at Starbucks for a cup of coffee and to warm up in the winter!

One morning this Fall, after the Christmas decorations were put out, I mentioned how much I liked the design this year - they were made with balls of yarn and shiny red balls and had birds "pulling" some of the yarn in their beaks. An employee overheard me and told me that I could ask to be put on a list to pick up the "wreath on a stick" that I particularly liked when they took down the seasonal items after New Year's Day.

I stopped by on January 2nd and picked up the wreath - it is now in my sun room! The items were designed with the birds showing various labels from varieties of Starbucks coffee.

The bird in the wreath pulled out very easily and the wreath looks fine without it (no holes are obvious). But the story gets more interesting...

Yesterday my husband was doing his usual Saturday morning errands which include picking up dry cleaning right next door to Starbucks (which usually means also stopping in for a coffee). I mentioned that there might be some other things that they were getting rid of and he came home with another wreath and three smaller decorations. On the large wreath I could just pop out the bird and I put it flat on the kitchen island with my ivy topiary inside - I really like the way it looks!

But on the smaller decorations - removing the bird leaves an obvious hole at the top so I took a closer look and realized that there was a simple solution. My first thought was to cut out a matching bird and adhere it to the top but then I thought of all of the glitter I bought on sale - and found the easy way to make my Starbucks decoration into something I can use at home.

Some glue and some Martha Stewart gold glitter turned this...

into this....

Here is a closer view - I think it turned out great and I can add these to our holiday decorations - saving them from the dumpster at Starbucks. The Martha Stewart glitter is so fine and sparkly - it is hard to see in the photos but I like the way it looks so much that I am looking around for more things to glitter!

You may want to check in your local store to see if they still have any of these decorations - and "rescue" them.


  1. You are so creative Diane,... love how it turned out.

  2. WOw those are beautiful! I don't frequent Starbucks as often as I should LOL I'll have to run over and see if they have anything left.
    Beautiful "repair" job on the bird. Hmmm... if you collect any more of their decorations you may have to add another tree to your home next Christmas :o)

  3. I love that glitter! And who doesn't love a glittery birdie? How cool that they gave you those!

  4. What a find, and great job on the makeover. I have never been in a Starbucks to see these, so I might have to make my own, they're so cute.

  5. Wow, I really like these and you did a great job with the glitter.

  6. You go girl...I love it! What a find that was.


  7. Love what you did to save these! My starbucks says the partners take the decorations home so they do not give them to customers - wish I had yours!!


  8. beautiful! I love that you were able to "repurpose" them....


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