Thursday, January 8, 2009

Note Card Box Folder

Today I realized that I needed a way to present the note cards for Janice. Since I am not a regular card maker I did not have any boxes or clear sleeves to put them in and I thought that a zip lock bag would just look tacky! I looked around the house for a commercial box that I might be able to re-cover and use but I didn't have anything suitable.

I decided to make a box folder to hold the set of cards. I am sure that there are many versions of similar folders available online, but, since I am a bit stubborn and like to figure things out, I decided to come up with a design on my own. I originally thought that I would do it as a .cut file but I soon realized that I could cut the box from one sheet of 12 x 12 paper. The pieces I needed exactly fill the page and, since there can be problems with the alignment on the Cricut to cut a full sheet, I decided it would be simpler to make the cuts with my trimmer and scissors.

To assemble the box folder I used my brand new tape gun - an ATG 50. I had heard about tape guns but they always looked too big and heavy. Well - it isn't heavy at all and I think I am going to get a lot of use from this tool - particularly for assembling boxes and cards. I will continue to use my Creative Memories tape runners and precision point adhesive for albums.

I added a piece of paper from the selection of liners in the note cards to decorate the top of the box. I cut a piece of ribbon about 30 inches long and attached it to the back of the folder with about 12 inches of ribbon to the left and then added a strip of paper 1 x 6 inches to secure the ribbon and make the spine a bit stronger.

Here is the open folder with the cards and envelopes inside (four cards and four envelopes in each pocket). I used a corner rounder on the top of the sides and on the flap that folds over from the sides for a neater finish.

You can see the structure of the folder better in this photo where it is open and empty.

I was out chopping ice from our driveway for several hours today - another storm is coming...I think I am ready for winter to be over! I did not take photos as I constructed the box so I am including a diagram with directions. I will try to make another one and take photos to show the assembly steps tomorrow but I think you will be able to use this to help you make your own. Remember - you can click on the diagram photo to enlarge it so you can see everything better.

One more photo of the finished box folder.


  1. I LOVE this and hope I can figure it out! (I'll look forward to your step by step photos). It's great to see you posting again - it's fun to see you in my email subscription and see what you've come up with every morning! Thanks for sharing your work!

  2. What a wonderful box! I just made up a quick one it worked great. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!


  4. I can't wait to get to my computer in the morning to see your lovely creations and meticulous work. Then I can't wait to try a new creation. Thank you Diane for your inspiration.
    Pam in California

  5. Well everyone says it's easy.. I hope so... I don't do well without directions... this is so adorable Diane... thanks so much for sharing

  6. I was so excited when I saw the directions to this, I went and made a sample right cool and easy, and use only 1 sheet of paper...thanks for all the hard work. Follow you daily.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and tutorials. You are very talented. Your willingness to share is much appreciated.

  8. Diane, Thank you so much for the detailed instructions for the box. I am one of these that needed it shown to me!! Thanks.

  9. Thanks for sharing...I'm gonna try this tomorrow when kids are at school and hubby is at work...ahhhhh...quiet time!!!

  10. This is exactly what I was looking for! I am setting up a card website and I wanted exactly this to send my note cards/invitations in!
    Thank you so much!


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