Friday, January 2, 2009

Fancy Edge Card

The Storybook cartridge has so many interesting designs and patterns - I love to use these to create lots of variations for cards and other projects. This card can be used for a fancy occasion or just for a note - you can also use the cut for a photo mat for a 5 x 7 photo or invitation card. I left this sample plain but you can add additional cuts, stamped images, sentiments, and embellishments to suit your occasion.

The file is set up to cut two cards from a sheet of paper 9 x 12 or larger. Due to small inaccuracies in paper placement and the operation of the machine I was not able to get the cards to consistently cut correctly from an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper as I did for the monogram cards I posted last November. (Here is a LINK to monogram card post) This is due to the design fitting exactly to the edge of the card - to save frustration just use the larger paper!

As a consultant, I have quite a supply of Creative Memories 10 x 12 paper which was the size they sold until the recent change to 8 x 8 and 12 x 12 paper and cardstock. This older size paper works perfectly for these cards and you will also end up with a border design to use on a scrapbook page.

The paper should be placed on the mat as shown below - the photo is of the cut on the mat after it is finished cutting.

You will need to hand trim the cut at the two sides and the center to finish the edge that falls in the "uncuttable zone."

After the cards are removed you will be left with this offcut

If you make two small perpendicular cuts at the edges of the remaining piece you will have a border that looks like this - a nice place for a title or some embellishments.

This is the edge of the card - it is rather delicate so you can either leave it as is or choose to add a backing strip of paper (1.25 x 5.5 inches) to stabilize the edge and highlight the design.

I used the CM Precision Point Adhesive to adhere the edge - I dotted it on the underside and let it dry to clear

Then I positioned the strip of paper on the plain edge of the scored and folded card and then fold the sticky border edge on top of the paper to be sure that it is aligned properly.

I thought that this looked a bit plain so I tried a variation - I took the strip of paper (1.25 x 5.5 inches) for the edge and ran it through the Xyron (the large pale lilac piece "went along for the ride" through the Xyron so as not to waste adhesive - I will use it on another project)

I lined up the strip (adhesive side up) with the plain edge of the card as before and folded the card shut, adhering the lace edge (no adhesive applied to the lace for this method) to the strip. Here is a close up showing the edge adhered to the sticky border strip.

Then I poured fine glitter all over the edge

I used my fingers to "squish" the glitter into the sticky border strip and shook off the excess.

The edge looks like this after the extra glitter is removed.

Here are the two card edges (with and without glitter) for comparison

I cut the design again using some silver shimmer paper and this time I did not fold the cards. The design makes a perfect mat for a 5 x 7 photo - the only ones I had handy were some photos from when we lived in Germany - you might want to have more "elegant" subject matter for your photos!

Two mats offset and with the lace edge in opposite directions fit nicely on a 12 x 12 page, leaving some room for titles and journaling (once again you may want to imagine some prom or wedding photos in the layout - I just used these to demonstrate the size!)

I hope you have fun with these - I can imagine a lot of Valentine's Day Cards that would be pretty with this design as the base card! Maybe I'll try one and post it soon....(and if you make one I'd love to see it).

Fancy Edge A2 Card


  1. I am just amazed at your creativity... this is so cool. Thanks so much for sharing your hard work

  2. that is really beautiful, both as a card and a border xxxx

  3. Wow! What a beautiful cut! I just love it as the photo mat! You're making me think I'm going to NEED this cartridge when I work on my wedding album! : )

  4. Diane,
    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful designs with us! I just got SB and love it! This is something that I hadn't thought of using it for! Thanks for the ideas! Alice

  5. Wow I love this card, so beautifull. Thanks for sharing.
    gr. Jannita

  6. Absolutely gorgeous...wish I had Storybook. I'll have to add that to my birthday list.


  7. Thank you so much for sharing your idea for the border. I also have SB and love all the flourishes - but it takes a special person to come up with all the different ways to use the cart - you!

  8. I love the design on this card. You are making me want this cart more and more.

  9. I always love to see what new designs you come up with and you never disappoint. Thank you once again for sharing this beautiful design. puppymom

  10. Thank you for sharing your time and talent with us. I look forward to your creations and am never disappointed.


  11. Thank you for not only for a beautiful border but for the wonderful directions and instructions, I really appreciate the different options and ideas. It really is so helpful. I would like to order some of the glue pens when you get a chance email me.



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