Friday, January 16, 2009

Photo Wallet (by request)

Marjorie from the Cricut Message Board posted an interesting project she had seen on another site and wondered if a cut file could be made for it. Here is a LINK to the project - you should click to see the lovely photo wallet made by Beverly Gerard. The directions are fairly simple and a .cut file is not needed to make this photo wallet, but it does insure that all of the pieces will be accurately cut without needing to do a lot of measuring each time you make one.

I wanted to get this posted quickly so I test cut it but did not do any stamping or embellishing. below you can see the open photo wallet - the center spots are intended for photos and the white cardstock on the flaps is for the journaling.

When the flaps are closed, the wallet looks like this - you then fold it up and slip on the belt band.

I made the file with a choice of scallops or no scallops for the wider band that is used to make the belt. I happened to have a heart on my table from another project so I just popped it on the seam for the strip.

All of the scoring and folding directions are given in the tutorial linked above. I did one thing differently - I adhered the two strips together before scoring the belt - that seemed to work better for me.

You will need to either cut the outer wallet with a trimmer and do the corner rounding (which I recommend as simpler and more accurate) or have the strip cut by the machine and then corner round since the corners fall into the uncuttable area of the mat. I put the dimensions on the tab for the first mat as a reference.

I used a Creative Memories corner rounder and sized the curve on the inner pieces accordingly. If your corner rounder cuts a different radius you may want to vary the size of the circles in the file to match your rounder.

This makes a cute little gift or favor. Many thanks to Marjorie for finding it and bringing it to my attention!

Photo Wallet - Plantin Schoolbook

Photo Wallet (baby bug compatible) - George


  1. Thanks for sharing the cut file!

  2. Diane. It looks absolutely great! This is very much appreciate. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your file Diane. As always it is much appreciated that you share your talent.

  4. wow this looks great, thanks for sharing.

    take care Linda from Holland.

  5. I love this! Can it be made w/ George for the Baby bug?


  6. Thanks Diane! what a wonderful idea! I love what yiou do with DS, I just sent a lady here from the cricut thread over at SPS, she was looking for a ticket file, I knoew just where to send her! I'm so glad I did, My mom's birthday is coming up and I will make this for her! thankd again!

  7. How adorable!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  8. OOO I Lovee it Thank UUUU very very much

  9. thank you
    Tanya Howe

  10. Diane,
    Thanks for always taking on these projects. It sure does make this nonimaginative one capable of creating. You are great. May God continue to Bless You.

  11. You are so talented and so generous to share your designs. Thank you.

  12. LOVE!

    By the way, I am your 100th follower!!!

    -Gracie at

  13. Thanks so much for sharing this file! It will make a great little gift for special occasions.

    :o) Michelle

  14. TFS!!! Your work is always amazing!!

  15. Diane,

    This is very adorable... May by I should do this as a Valentines Gift for the grandparents. I am taking Bri for formal pics tomorrow. I can put those in there and save one spot for her handprint fishes...

    You have amazing talent!!

  16. I love This!!! You are wonderful for sharing like this.
    Thank you,


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