Sunday, January 18, 2009

Love Flourish in Card Sizes

Several readers asked through comments whether the love flourish title could be adapted for cards. I did a few variations for A2 and 5 x 7 card sizes. Please realize that as these get smaller they are extremely delicate so you will need patience to successfully cut them and remove them from your mat. These can all be cut on the baby bug mat.

Here is the 5 x 7 size in a border format

Here is the 5 x 7 in a larger variation to fill more of the card front.

The A2 size is pushing the limits for cutting success...

On my test cut, one of the skinny ovals had a bit of a problem - perhaps the paper did not stay stuck down well enough.

The other three areas like this in the design cut just fine...

With a little hand trimming using tiny delicate scissors I was able to "rescue" the cut.

Here is one more photo for comparison of the two 5 x 7 variations. These all were just placed on the appropriate size card so I could take some quick photos to post and have not been adhered to the cards (which might explain why they are a bit crooked!).

The design makes a lovely and delicate decoration - but you will need to be patient again! If you use these for a card I'd love to see your finished cards.

Love Flourish for Cards


  1. Love the design. I may give it a try with a regular size card and see how it does for me. If I do, I will let you know. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh you are a miracle worker!!! I did cut the 12x12 flourish and it was beautiful. I cannot wait to try this one. I believe you that it will take some special handling...but it will be worth it. Thank you so much!

  3. How beautiful! I really appreciate all your hard work and creativity. This swirl is very elegant and classic.


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