Sunday, January 25, 2009

A quick "Mystery" post!

Here is a little quiz for you! I made this design using Design Studio quite a while ago. As you may have read in my blog, I am also a quilter and this reminds me of a quilt pattern.

So here is the question - what cartridge or cartridges did I use to create this?

I will post the answer and the file tomorrow - have fun guessing! Just leave a comment with your guess.

Sorry for the super short post. I got my son to college yesterday and spent quite a few hours helping him move from one room to another in the same building - and cleaning up the place! I am visiting my Dad and his internet is having problems - so I managed to connect through a neighbor but it is a weak connection and goes in and out. I hope this makes it to my blog!


  1. Hi Diane! I am going to guess George as it has most of the basic shapes...
    Enjoy your visit with your Dad...and take a little time for YOU!!

  2. My guess is Dreams Come True. I figure most everyone is going to guess George and I want to be different. LOL

  3. Hi Diane. My guess is going to be George as I know you do so many creative things with that cart. Thanks for sharing. Will anxiously await your answer!

  4. Capadia, I have to say it's with George. But that seems to simple.... Maybe it was actually Accent Essentials. Hmmmmm. Sure is pretty either way!

  5. inde cart and maybe some george


  6. Mmmmh, stretch your imagination? :) That's what I'm doing hehehe, I'm thinking George too.


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