Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Custom Name Cards

I have two or three new designs in the works but today I needed to finish up another project. I was asked to make some notecards as a gift for a woman called "Janice". I used the same format I did for the monogram aperture cards (here is a LINK to that post with detailed directions).

The card base with the opening is from Beyond Birthdays and I used my new Calligraphy Collection cartridge for the name. This is the first time I have used this cart - I really like the various fonts it has with lots of different elegant looks. Here is a screen shot showing the font I used. The shadow feature makes it a bit sturdier for removing from the mat after cutting.

I cut the basic cards from various colors of heavy cardstock and then cut liners to suit from patterned paper. The lining is attached in the same way as the lining on the leaf card I posted a few days ago. If the name you are using has an "i" or a "j" be sure to keep track of that pesky dot! I saved the off cut to use as a guide to placement of the dot on the "i" as you can see in this photo

Here you can see small photos of each - the patterned paper is from the Debbie Mumm collection. I have a lot of her quilting fabric that I always thought was too pretty to use so I forced myself to start cutting up the paper and use it!

The link above tells you how to do this with your own name or initials and using whatever font you like. I am not posting the file but if your name happens to be Janice and you would like it just send me a note!

Here is a sneak peak at another personalized card - details coming in the next few days...


  1. Love the notecards, very curious about the red one though! I love it, so different. I really hope Janice liked the great job you did for her!


  2. Nice...wish my name was Janice or I knew someone with that name!! Would be a nice gift. I will have to learn how to do this...your directions are great...and wow....the sneak peak is BEAUTIFUL...can't wait!! Thanks for all you do for us!


  3. She is going to love them!! Great job!

  4. Love these and I'm just waiting for the details of the sneak peek!

  5. These are really nice. I actually do know a Janis, but she spells it differently! LOL. Good job!


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