Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Simple Storybook A2 Note Card

I made these cards today - I am making a set of these in various colors and with solid or patterned liners. The design for the front comes from the Storybook cartridge but I stretched and slimmed it a bit to make it fit the A2 card shape.

To cut this card you should place a piece of 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock in the exact position shown in the photo below.

The design "overcuts" a bit to avoid the possibility of accidentally trimming the cardstock to a smaller dimension if you place the paper a bit off the mark (however you still need to be quite accurate in placement). Be very careful removing the cut from the mat as some of the stems are delicate and tear easily.

You will have a lot of odd scraps and for once (!) I was able to just throw them away - even though I usually try to find a way to use all the paper...

You will then need to cut the sheet of paper in half to separate the cards. (I use a DreamKuts which works perfectly but any trimmer will do to cut the cardstock into two 5.5 inch x 8.5 inch pieces).

Then score the card at 4.25 inches (I use a ScorPal but you can use many other methods).

After scoring be sure to fold the card carefully (the edge you are working with is small) and burnish with your bone folder on the back side of the card.

Since the front is so open you will need to line the card to make it practical for sending a note. Cut a good quality piece of solid paper to 8.25 x 5.25 inches. I use the DreamKuts to cut a sheet of 8.5 x 11 in half and then trim 1/4 inch from the length and the width on a smaller trimmer. Score the paper at the half way point (4 1/8 inches from the edge).

Then I use Creative Memories Precision Point adhesive on the back of the leafy design. For the first card I put adhesive on the four sides and on most of the leaves and stems.

It is tricky to be sure that the glue does not extend beyond the area the paper will cover - if you have some showing you can rub it off with your hand or a pick up square (gum eraser) when it is dry. Below you can see the first trial card - a bit too much glue but it came off easily!

For the second trial I applied the glue only to the leaves - then I added a bit to the area near the fold (after the photo was taken) to be sure that it would stay smooth in the card.

When the glue has dried to clear, center the liner on the back part of the card and gently fold the leafy front on top of it.

You will have a card with a loose back liner which could be used for a message that doesn't quite fit (or left blank). Below is a top view.

Here are a couple of samples in plain colors with solid liners.

You can also use patterned paper for the liner - just be sure that it is the type that is solid white on the back (no company names and UPC codes!).

Here are the other two cards from the trial cuts, lined with the patterned paper.

Obviously, there are many variations possible in the lining and you can add embellishments to the front of the card, cut out and add a sentiment or outline the leaves with markers or Stickles - lots of possibilities.

I'd love to see your version if you use this file - Thanks!

Leafy Front A2 Note Card


  1. Thanks for stoppin by my blog and commenting. Where did you see the info on ordering the glue to make your own Yourstory books? I would really like to be able to do that.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome work!

  2. Check with Kopperhead - I know I saw a sample she tried but I haven't been able to find the post. It's on my list of things I want to do!

  3. I'm loving this card and I have Storybook, I'm going to try it tonight! has the glue strips for using your own covers. I have been meaning to make a tutorial on how I did my trial, but just haven't found the time yet! I have a list too.

  4. Diane, I love your blog. I know you may have already received this, BUT... Please visit my blog to collect your award.
    Thanks for having such a fabulous blog!

  5. i love this card diane, i got storybook for christmas and haven't used it yet but this has given me the inspiration i need to take it out the box!! thankyou for sharing xxxxxx

  6. I love the SB cart. I love that you did something so simple yet elegant! This is a great card! Thanks for taking the time to make the tutorial too! Much appreciated!

  7. This is such a neat card. Thanks for sharing your files.

  8. I finally got to leave a message on the download page...whoo hooo!
    I just want to thank you for what you do for the rest of us. I'm hoping that someday I'll be able to contribute to the rest of you. Again, thank you for sharing your time and talent with us!



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