Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another Disney Princess - Belle #2

I was doing a bit of reorganizing of my files and found this one which I hadn't shared before. Many people have questions on how to make all the layers for the complex paper piecing on the licensed character cartridges. Here are links (Cinderella and Belle #5) (Mulan) to a couple of earlier posts that have some tips on how to make cutting and piecing these characters a bit easier.

With the Design Studio software you can plan out all the cuts needed and load the mat just once to cut the pieces you will need in the correct colors. This is explained in more detail in the posts linked above so I won't repeat it all here. You use page two of the file only for information about the paper sizes and placements and page one to actually cut the character (the rest of the pages of the file are just there to separate the colors for a screen shot of the preview).

Here is a screen shot of the mat ready for cutting Belle #2

This is the actual mat loaded and ready to cut

When I cut this last year, I didn't have any plain cardstock in the right shade of brown so I tried using some adhesive backed DCWV textured cardstock. I was not very happy with the cutting - I don't care for the white core for cutting these small pieces - below you can see how it looked on the mat after cutting.

Using the adhesive backed cardstock did make it easier to adhere the hair piece to the base but the white bits that showed made Belle look older than her years!

I resorted to touching in the white areas with a pen that matched as closely as possible to the brown cardstock color - when you look at the close up below you can see the tiny pen marks.

The overall effect was fine after the touchup but, in the future, I will try to have solid core cardstock available in all the colors I need for a character before cutting!

Belle #2 at five inches


  1. I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for your previous posts about laying out all the parts for cutting on one mat. I used your tips for the Hello Kitty cartridges and it was so easy and is such a time saver! Love your blog!!

  2. I want to thank you for the lessons and all the sharing that you do. I really appreciate it. Thank you


  3. Wow the marker is a GREAT idea! Thanks!


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