Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Medallion Variations

medallion 1

It's just a week until Christmas - and there is still a lot to do!  I took a bit of a break this weekend and didn't post anything.  I just needed some time to regroup after my trip to see my Dad last week and the terrible tragedy that took place last Friday in Newtown, Connecticut.

We will have lots of family home soon and I am so sad for the families that will not have a happy holiday time but will instead have to get through the coming days as best as they can as they grieve their lost loved ones.

medallion 2

I find that "doodling" on the computer helps to distract me from my sad thoughts and I created this medallion design last night.  I have a lot of errands to do today but I hope to have a chance to try cutting this design later this afternoon.

medallion 3

I like to experiment with various color combinations when I make a layered design like this one.  The colors and contrast make a big difference in the final project.  Which of these three variations is your favorite?

We are painting a bedroom and attempting to clear out some of the "clutter spots" in the house before our company arrives - I wonder if they'll be looking under the beds!?!

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  1. Personally I never look under beds when i visit friends or family. I am sure at your house with all the amazing holiday decorations, there are far more interesting things to attract wandering eyes!
    As for the doilies, the white one is my favourite. I think because t is just more traditional looking and it looks more like a snawflake and is "cooling" to look at in the hot weather!

  2. They are all lovely but my eye is drawn to the first one. The design is wonderful- has an Edwardian feel to it.

    As for looking under the beds- I can't imagine why they would- it never occurs to me-maybe I've been missing something? but no- don't think so:)

    Happy Holidays and a merry Christmas- enjoying your blog!

  3. I say that if they look under the bed, they deserve whatever mess they see--and coal for Christmas! I like medallion #1 as it reminds me of a decorated wreath. Merry Christmas!

  4. Diane
    I like #1. Enjoy your company.
    If they look under the beds I hope they are on their knees for a good reason.

  5. My heart is so heavy. I can't stop crying and watching the stories unfold on the news channels. Those wonderful teachers were so brave. Sandy Hook parents were so lucky to have such heroes working there. I too have been sitting at my laptop and puttering, trying to keep my mind busy. Your medallions are so beautiful. You've always done such awesome work on your die cut machines.

  6. I like the first one best, but I think the third one might be my favorite if the background was not that lighter green - too bright for me. One time my mom looked behind someone's shower curtain during a party (she still does not know what made her do it) and the lady had all her dirty dishes in the bathtub... but in general - I think we all have things stored under beds (isn't that what underbed storage bins are for?) so I would not worry at all.

  7. My favorite is No. 2. I like the white emphasis.
    Unless I hear something under the bed I would never look under it.


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