Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Delicate Cricut Cuts and wonky circles

Today I have an "oldie but goodie" to share again.  While I am very impressed at the super thin cuts that the Cameo will make, I have also had good luck with a lot of delicate cuts on the Cricut.  My main problem with Cricut cuts is the loss of symmetry on scallops and circles. 

The Cricut machines that I have had over the years have had issues with cutting perfect shapes.  When a shape is irregular in design it doesn't really matter but I like my circles round and my scallops even.

This is an example of the difference in the shape produced by the Cricut E2 (on the left) and the Silhouette SD machine (on the right).  On of the main reasons that I bought the SD over a year ago because I was not happy with the shape of the scallops on any of my Cricut machines.

However, I can't say that the Cricut will not cut a delicate shape.  The branch at the top of this photo is from the Pagoda cartridge and as you can see it is very complex and the cuts are tiny.  The branch at the bottom of this photo was made with the Martha Stewart branch punch.

I was able to use the delicate branch from the Pagoda cartridge to make a pretty wreath for a card.  I used white core DCWV textured cardstock which is not always the easiest to cut (and I can see here that I should have inked those white edges!)

You can find out more about this wreath and see how I set up the cuts at the original post HERE.

I hope you are having a good week.  I should be home tomorrow, in time to regroup and get caught up on some crafting and Christmas decorating.

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  1. I love your wreath! So festive!
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  2. Didn't even notice the white edges until you pointed them out! Consider it frost on the branches and don't sweat it!
    Karen L 1020 at gmail dot com

  3. Wow I knew the cricut had some wonky circles but it never bothered me till I see how well the cameo cuts a scalloped circle... Thanks for your comparison study!


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