Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Wreath

This wreath is made using a branch from the new Pagoda cartridge.  I can hardly believe that something so delicate will cut easily over and over again - sometimes the Cricut just amazes me!

Last year there was a lot of interest in the Martha Stewart branch punch and it became one of the "hard to find" items of the holiday season.  I was able to buy one and I used it for a number of projects.  Someone asked me why I buy punches when I could design similar items in Design Studio and I replied that I thought the punch would be too delicate to cut (and also frustrating to make without the possibility of grouping all of the elements of the design so I could resize it). looks like I was wrong!  In the photo above the branch on the bottom was created with the Martha Stewart punch and the more intricate and delicate branch at the top was cut with my Cricut.

This screen shot shows the key for the branch I used.   I set it to cut at two inches, wondering if that was a crazy thing to try.

Here is a closer view of one branch with the mat grid showing so you can see the size.  Those line are very thin!

By using Design Studio, I was able to fit 28 branches on the top of a 12 x 12 mat.  I did not fill the entire mat - sometimes I find that it makes a file corrupt more easily when there are many items (thought it is more often a problem with welded items and these are simple cuts).


I placed two shades of green paper on the mat.  To make this test even more difficult, I used some textured  white core cardstock that often gives me problems in cutting.  After cutting one side of the mat, I unloaded and turned it around and pressed cut again.  This does take a very long time to cut so I could do lots of other things while I waited!

The branches lifted from the mat easily but they are extremely delicate so you do need to be careful.  The good thing is that when you are using them to make a wreath it won't really matter if a little piece here or there breaks off.

To attach the branches to the cards, I punched a circle from scrap paper and used it as a guide to apply adhesive to the card.  I used my Creative Memories Precision Point Adhesive which is my favorite glue pen.  (Here is a LINK to more information about this glue pen).

Wait until the adhesive has dried to clear and shiny as you can see in this photo.  Then you are ready to start placing the branches in the wreath shape.

Start anywhere and apply the branches to the adhesive circle.

I alternated between the two shades of green overlapping the branches up to the first intersection of the twigs.

In this close view you can see the spacing of the alternating color branches.  There are twelve branches in each wreath.

I added dots of Christmas Red Stickles glitter glue at the branch intersections.  This photo shows the dimension of the branches as they curl up from the page.  I don't like using white core cardstock but in this project the white core gives the effect of frost or snow.  You could also add some clear Stickles to make the wreath more wintry.

On one card I added the word "Love" in the center of the wreath. This is from the "A Child's Year"cartridge (one of my all time favorites!).


For the second card, I welded the letters to spell "Joy" (also from A Child's Year).

I would recommend doing a trial cut of a branch with your chosen paper before trying to cut an entire mat full of branches.  Then you can make any necessary adjustments and avoid frustration with ruined cuts.

I have included a link for the file.  It is a simple file but I did maximize the number of branches that will cut.  I did a video about quantity in Design Studio a while ago that explains how and why I do these files - here is a LINK  to the video post.

Pagoda was the third new cartridge I got at Michael's this week.  I did photograph the Pagoda handbook and I will post those photos and my review of this cartridge tomorrow.


  1. I put Pagoda on my wish list the minute I saw the first preview of it... but now it is a MUST HAVE. I have the branch punch and have been using it lately, but I love that Pagoda branch... so delicate! Thanks for sharing your test and project!

  2. WOW!! This is just gorgeous!! I think I like the Pagoda branch better than Martha's. I know I like the fact the machine will cut a ton and I go do something else...LOL! What a great cut file to share!! VERY kind of you! I also like how you covered all the details like would this even cut well - it's amazing!! LOVE this! Of course, my favorite is the "joy" card...LOL!
    Hugs, Joy

  3. Absolutely, flat out stunning. You have outdone yourself, which is quite a feat in itself! hugs, eileen

  4. This wreath is absolutely beautiful! I love how delicate, textured and dimensional it is. I can see many projects coming from this idea. I have this cartridge coming in the mail and I can't wait for it to arrive!!!

  5. Great info! Thanks so much! I will check other cartridges for a similar useful branch and gift it a try!

  6. This card is beautiful. You are such a talented lady and have such a great eye. I am so glad I found your blog.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  7. This has to be the most lovely post of all Diane! You never seize to amaze me with your creativity. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  8. Wow!! I think this is my favorite seasonal card posted this year! WOW!!

  9. Amazing! Now I want this cartridge too!

  10. Oh Diane, that is just beautiful... I want that cart. but of course I can't find it.. love your wreath. You are so darn creative.

  11. OMG!!! That's just beautiful and may I say Brilliant!!! Love love love it!! I would definately try it when I eventually get my little hands on the pagoda carts. I want it so much...but I will have to wait a little bit to get it. Diane, you are so Creative!!!

  12. Love it, gonna have to get this cart, your an enabler. I have a little something for you over on my blog.

    Rue x

  13. This is absolutely ingenious besides beautiful! You are making everything so easy for us and for me making my brain work harder to look beyond the shapes...
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Wow! Another homerun--just love it. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents.

  15. This cart is gorgeous!!!! I love how you made the wreath, absolutely stunning!!! Thanks so much again for sharing the images with us, I love these new carts, so much fun and variety, and as you said in today's post, "an adult cartridge" *clap* *clap* *clap*!!!!!

    Lisa Sturgill

  16. When I first saw this cart( on your site) I thought I would never need/use this cart. scroll down and what do I see another beautiful project of yours!
    Great job as always!!

  17. So I just told myself I have to STOP buying new carts and use the ones I have. AND I've been looking for that MS punch and broke down today and bought the McGill one. Now I may just return it and use the $$ towards Pagoda. I'm hoping M's has the Thanksgiving cart sale like they did last year (29.99).
    Thanks so much for your cut files--I love all your stuff.

  18. Thanks for the file I know how much work goes into these. You always do an outstanding job!

  19. Thanks for the wonderful file and for sharing your outstanding work!

  20. Wow! I love your wreath and all the cartridge info. Thanks.

  21. Wow thanks so much for this great idea! It's still a long time till next christmas but I will make sure to have this ready!

    The explanation and pictures are great, too. Really easy to understand!

    Thanks for sharing!


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