Friday, November 20, 2009

Your Story and Cricut Design Challenge

Would you like to win a fully loaded Gypsy?  Do you have a Cricut and a Your Story machine?  You should enter a project in the Cricut/Your Story Design Challenge.

The Grand Prize is worth $6,000.  Two runners up will win 10 cartridges of their choice.  The deadline is 6:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time on November 29, 2009.

Here is a LINK to the contest information.  You can see a sample project and read the rules - and then get creative!  Good luck to everyone who enters.

We have been in six states today!  The driving was good and it is great to be here with all of my siblings and my Dad.  Tomorrow is the official Birthday Dinner - we had a nice meal here at Dad's place tonight.  One of my Dad's friends offered to take a family photo after dinner so here we are - still in our travel clothes but having a great time!

(the photo at the top is a sneak peek at something coming soon - you'll be surprised to find out how I made it!)


  1. I am entering but I'm really nervous about it :)

  2. What a lovely photo of your family! I hope your time spent with them is the best, and please wish your Dad a very happy birthday from one of your blog friends!!!!

    Lisa Sturgill

  3. Bummer, I would love to try to make something to win all that but even though I have 2 Cricuts and 45 Cartdridges I can't enter because I don't have a Your Story. That doesn't seem fair at all. You can win a Gypsy filled with carts and I can't enter. N ot Fair. Sorry to unload on you I just had to tell someone.


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