Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Gypsy is grouping my Design Studio files!

The update that was posted yesterday has made a lot of Gypsy users very happy! I spent some time this evening experimenting with the new possibilities and enjoying the results.  Here is a LINK to the message board post about the updates. You will need to download and install the Design Studio update and run the Gypsy Sync to update your gypsy.  Once you have the updated programs you will also need to update the firmware on your Cricut before you cut anything (you can do this from either your computer or the Gypsy).

I did have some difficulty with the Gypsy Sync giving me an error message "File string does not contain 4 parts" but, with some great help from Provo Craft, I was able to correct the problem.  I am using a Vista 64 bit computer.  If you are getting this message, you should look at the file names of your Gypsy files.  If there are any that have commas, do a "save as" and rename the file, eliminating the commas in the new name.  Then close the new file and delete the file that has commas.  Provo Craft is working on fixing the Sync software so soon this won't be necessary but it may help you until the fix is made.

I tried a few different things to test out the transferring and converting of files.  First, I went to a very old file that I made before it was possible to weld inside a frame (we had to "build" the frames from rectangles when Design Studio was first released).  This file was sized for the baby bug - at 5 1/2 inches square.

I saved the file as a ".gypsy" file in Design Studio (use the drop down menu at the bottom of the save screen to choose either ".cut" or ".gypsy").  Then I ran the Gypsy Sync and chose "upload files to Gypsy", browsed to the file and selected it and transferred it to my Gypsy.

When I first previewed the file on the Gypsy, the welds were not working correctly.  So I grouped the twelve elements of the design, working methodically around the design.  When the grouped design previewed correctly, I selected it, added a page to the file by tapping the plus sign at the top left of the screen (another new feature) and tapped the duplicate icon to add it to the new page.  Then I resized the frame to about 10 inches square, saved the file and went back to the Gypsy Sync.

In Gypsy Sync, I clicked on "Gypsy" and then "designs" in the left column - this brings up a list of all the files in the Gypsy in the right column.  I selected the file, clicked "Save Selected File(s) to PC," browsed to the folder where I wanted to save the file and saved.

The Gypsy multi page file does not currently remain a multi-page file when it moves to Design Studio so I had to copy and paste all of the elements of my newly enlarged frame to a new page in the Design Studio file.  The ability to group and resize on the Gypsy and then either cut from the Gypsy or move the file back to Design Studio is a great addition.

Next, I designed this pinwheel snowflake in Design Studio using the icon from A Child's Year.  The pinwheels are rotated at 60 degree intervals so I can not currently create this file with everything in one selection box and grouped in Design Studio.

I transferred the file to the Gypsy, grouped the elements of the design and then duplicated and resized the design.  I then could transfer the file back to Design Studio or cut directly from the Gypsy.

Here are my two pinwheel snowflakes on the mat after cutting.  It is so exciting to make the design once and then be able to duplicate and resize.  This is a very simple design but for some of the really complicated designs with many elements the Gypsy will be a great timesaver.

Just for fun, I layered the two cuts to see how they would look together.  This gave me an idea....but you will have to wait a day or two to see what I am going to try to do (!)

Be sure to read the release notes and check the Cricut Message Board for many helpful tips and hints from fellow Design Studio and Gypsy users.  There is a lot to explore and it just keeps getting better!


  1. very cool for gypsy owners :) but here might be a naive question: any idea if the GROUP function will be available for the DS owners??

  2. Hi Diane...I LOVE all your tips every day...I don't have the gypsy but am waiting for the group feature on Design that in this release of design studio? If not are you aware of any time frames? Thanks!


  3. Thank you so much Diane for all your tips with both the CDS and Gypsy. I updated mine and it seems to be working just fine. I appreciate all the work you do!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!


  4. The Group function will be coming for Design Studio but I do not know the time frame.

    I have been told by the Director of Product Development at Provo Craft that the goal is to have "design parity" between the Gypsy and Design Studio - in other words to make both programs capable of doing the same things.

    It is hard to be patient but I am hopeful that it won't take too much longer!

  5. wow, I love that frame, gorgeous! I don't suppose you have a file for that?

    I haven't yet bought the Gypsy, but so want the carts that are on it.

    Thanks for all you do, you're a fantastic resource and SO generous.

  6. Leslie Ann - I do have this file and will be happy to share it - I need to move it from a different account so give me a day or so..


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