Saturday, November 21, 2009

TicTac Toe swap

My friend Kay comes up with all sorts of ideas for swaps - here is the latest.  We were to make tic tac toe squares on 4 x 4 inch bases.  A lot of the people in the swap group had been involved in many "inchie" swaps and had many little 1 x 1 creations that needed to be used for something!  Unfortunately, the 1,000 inchie swap I participated in seems to have fizzled and I have never received the 1,000 swap inchies (here is a LINK to the post where I showed my inchies). 

I created a .cut file for the grids - it is adjustable so I can make the board in any size.  Unfortunately, after I cut the frames, the file corrupted and I need to test the back up file before I post it (so look for it next week (after I am home again)  if you are interested).

The variety of the tic tac toe creations was amazing.  Here is a LINK to Kay's blog where you can see all of them.  She also has some creative ways to use them so be prepared to spend some time browsing!

The weekend has been lovely - the weather is great and it is so nice to be with all of the family.  Here is my Dad with his cake - we had a lovely party tonight and it will be hard to say goodbye as some of the family starts heading back home tomorrow.  I'll be here at Dad's for another couple of days and then will drive back, stopping to pick up our younger son and a few friends as we head home for Thanksgiving.


  1. Love your ATCs! The photo of your Dad is so cute, I know..older Men do not want to be known as cute, but it is! I miss my Dad (he is WA, I'm in GA)*sniff*.

    So glad you could spend the time with him this past weekend for such a wonderful occasion!

    Lisa Sturgill

  2. Happy birthday to your father! I love these tic-tac-toe cards! I hope you're able to share the file. I have some ideas for it!


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