Monday, November 23, 2009

Vine Frame resized with the Gypsy

This is the frame that I adapted using the Gypsy a few weeks ago.  (Here is a LINK to the post about my first attempts to group some of my older files).  I had several  requests for the resized file.  Just to clarify any confusion, you can bring the file into the Gypsy and then group and resize it but when you move the file back to Design Studio at the new size it will not remain "grouped."

The original frame was created to fit on a baby bug mat so I used George along with ZooBalloo to make the frame.  The photo above shows the original frame at 5.5 inches square. 

You do have to be very careful when revising files.  As you can see in this photo, when I grouped and resized the frame I made a slight error in the placement of one side (at the top of this photo).  The Gypsy screen is very sensitive and I imagine I moved the bar out of alignment and did not notice it since I was excited about grouping and resizing my old design.

This screen shot shows the errors created by having the one bar out of alignment.  I have fixed the file so that this bar is now in the correct position.  Please let me know if you have any problem cutting the file.
You will notice that the small version of the frame is in an odd position on the mat.  You can just place your paper (a piece large enough to cut the frame) in that area of the mat.  When I get home, I will do a quick video to explain how to move the entire frame to a more logical spot (a spot that would work for the 6 x 12 mat).  I will also show how to change out the George rectangles with Plantin Schoolbook rectangles if you do not have the George cartridge.

I will be heading back home tomorrow - collecting our younger son from college along with two friends who also need to get to Massachusetts for Thanksgiving.  I have been trying to answer emails and approve comments when I can, but I know that some have been missed - I'll try to catch up at some point over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Safe travels to any of you who will be on the road for the holiday weekend.

Vine Frame

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