Thursday, November 19, 2009

New cartridges added to Design Studio

Updates were made available for the Design Studio and the Gypsy today.  The Paisley, Sweet Treats, Batman and Superman cartridges have been added to the software.  The Batman and Superman cartridges are not yet available but it will be fun to preview them.  I have downloaded the updates and they were quick and easy to do.  Here is a LINK to the message board post with the information about the updates.

I haven't had time to experiment with Sweet Treats in Design Studio yet but a few days ago I tried cutting the cupcake holders.  In this photo you can see the cupcake holder from the Sweet Treats cartridge cut in several sizes.  As I mentioned in my review (here is a LINK to that post), the cupcake holder is identical on all 50 keys.  Such a missed opportunity!

The tiny holder is from my first trial cut.  I thought that a cupcake holder should be about 3 inches high so I set the dial on the machine for 3" (completely forgetting that the dial setting would determine the size of the entire unfolded cut - I really should use the Cricut without Design Studio more often!).  These would be cute for truffles or other candy.

The large holder is the size produced by using "fit to page" on the 12 x 12 mat.  It is about the size of a strawberry basket.  I wanted to "dress it up" a bit so I used one of my new Martha Stewart punches (floral vine) on the edges before I assembled the holder.

The third holder seems to be "just right" - it was cut using 8 inches as the dial size.  The sides end up at about two and a half inches with a three inch base.  Now that we can work with the shapes in Design Studio,  I think I will try to make some variations with interesting designs cut into the holders.

I made a quick trip to Michael's today.  I went to the second store that is near my home and found some different items.  If you have a Michael's store nearby, you should know that the Halloween/Fall items are 90% off.  At that price I couldn't resist getting this turkey dinner pop up punch ($1.59) - now I have to figure out what to use it for...  Each time I have been to Michael's lately I have met someone with a Cricut - so here is a quick shout-out to Judy and Janet.   I hope we can get together sometime soon!  (It is always fun to meet fellow Cricut fans).

We leave for my Dad's birthday celebration tomorrow morning.  It will be a great reunion with my sisters and brother to celebrate Dad's 85th!  I have a lot of projects going on in addition to the birthday preparations but most of them are "secret" right now.  You should see the mess in my studio!

I am still trying to locate any missing emails - if you sent me a note or question and I haven't responded please try again.  Thanks also to a few of you who sent me awards - I will be posting those soon.

Good luck planning your "Black Friday" shopping now that the ads are becoming available - it sounds like there are lots of bargains to be had!

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  1. I agree, the cupcake holders should have had different decorative edges to them, but I guess we can do them in DS or on the Gypsy, but it was a wasted opportunity. Still happy to see they have them, will be great for entertaining & the little box you cut would also be a perfect size for "cake bites or pops," I found them over at a site called "Bakerella." Did you post the link? I forget in my old age! LOL

    Thanks for all your great tips and talent that you share!!!
    Have a fantastic time at your Dad's birthday, and a happy weekend!


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