Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sweet Treats - another new cartridge

(fair notice - another photo heavy enabling post)

Sweet Treats was the second cartridge I was able to find at Michael's yesterday.  Some stores have them in and some don't but be sure to ask about these cartridges if you don't see them on the shelf or in the cage.  A helpful employee went to look in the back and found them for me.  I believe that Sweet Treats and Paisley are exclusive to Michael's for now - but they do price match and rumors are that the Black Friday prices will be low again (hint hint to Santa).

Sweet Treats is not included in the Design Studio or Gypsy software yet, so I have photographed the entire booklet once again to share.  This is another full cartridge and the name describes it fully - it is a cartridge full of sweets and treats - cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, presents, party hats and crowns, some birthday phrases and number candles.

The creative features are as follows...






Once again, I bought this cartridge based on what I had seen of the cartridge sample on the site (here is a LINK).  I am posting these photos so you can see everything the cartridge has to offer.  Please respect the time and effort I put into taking, editing and posting these photos by referring others to my blog to see the photos and not copying them - thank you.

Remember, you can click on any photo to see a larger view.

























While Sweet Treats is a "full" cartridge, I was disappointed to find out that the cupcake holders are all the same - with different decorations for each one on the shift button.  The Party Favors are basically the same box over and over with different top edges to match the image on that key.  There are some shaped cards but many of the cards are simple rectangles and squares, so they are not particularly exciting.  There is also quite a bit of repetition in the tag shapes.

The images are very "cute" and there is some nice layering, including sprinkles for the ice cream (good luck keeping track of those!) and accents that mimic glints of light on some of the objects.  The numbers are nice and chunky and would be good for chipboard number book for a child.  Once this cartridge is available in Design Studio there are some interesting bits and pieces that could be used to create new designs and the flowers are attractive and could be used as scalloped circles or to make Spirelli patterns.

Overall, this is a nice cartridge but I do feel that there was a missed opportunity to do more with the party favors and cupcake holders.  A lot of similar images are available on older cartridges so there is really not all that much new on this one.  If I were to choose between this and Paisley, I would definitely get Paisley first.  However, I don't think I will regret having it and I do see some interesting Design Studio opportunities.

Let me know what you think after looking at these photos....


  1. I agree with your review. As I was looking through the pictures, I thought a lot of it looked repetitive. Sad! I think this had the opportunity to be full of a fun variety of things, too.

  2. Stop it right now!!! Stop posting all these and enabling me ;-)

    I agree with you this cart could have so much more on it, but it is cute. I'm hoping M's has their carts on sale for Thanksgiving so I can get it :-)

  3. I totally agree. I think I will pick up the paisley but will wait on this one. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh that was just mean....! I really like this cartridge.... you ENABLER!! :-)

    Hope you are doing well...

    xx Susan

  5. I have to agree. I have been coveting Paisley, but Sweet Treats doesn't do much for me. How many cupcake cuts do I already have on other carts? Thanks much for posting pics!

  6. I agree Diane, I am disappointed that they did not take the opportunity to make the favors and boxes different. Afterall, haven't we been making boxes for over a couple of years now with design studio? The box bottoms look very similar to ones that I designed! I think I can wait on this one....

  7. Thanks so much for posting these! I agree, too, the Paisley will move to the top of my list!! Your time is very much appreciated!


  8. I guess if you do a whole lot of parties or have a business in that line it would be a great one to have but on the whole it was so specialized that it didn't appeal to me personally.
    Thanks for your great photos and honest opinion.

  9. Diane,
    I am holding out for Pagota and Wild West for Black Friday. I'm hopeful. They still have a lot of cute cuts on this cart though. TFS

  10. thank you for generously sharing your time and your artistic eye for the value in these carts...i think you are absolutely correct about sweet treats it will not be on my wish list!

  11. Thank you for posting these pics. It had to take you forever! I was on the fence about buying this cart but now I think I must have it! Thank you!

  12. I went to Micheal's yesterday to look at Sweet Treats and wasn't excited at all. I have Beyond Birthdays and some more carts that do almost the same thing. I like to spend my money on new ideas. I am getting Pagoda from my brother for Christmas. He's in the Navy and they spent 2 years in Japan and I can hardly wait to scrap those pics with Pagoda. I'm also getting From My Kitchen, A Child's year and another one I can't remember. Plus My darling Husband got me my Gypsy. I need to get started on my pages. I had surgery 3 weeks ago and can finally go upstairs and start on my scrappin' and card making. Please keep sending files and ideas. I don't know about the rest of you but but these ideas get my excitement going and makes me want to make pages and cards. Thank you so much.

  13. Hi!
    I did buy this cartridge, I am glad I listened to everyone's great advice about the repeating designs, so that I wasn't disappointed when I actually got the cartridge. Getting the cartridge at M's for the Black Friday sale makes it worth the price. Between Design Studio and my Gypsy, I'm in agreement, lots of cute designs to come from these basic shapes.
    Thanks for all the pictures and awesome ideas.


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