Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Many of us will be very busy with Thanksgiving preparations tomorrow.  I had a long drive home today and I am too tired to make a lengthy post tonight.  The visit with my Dad was great and I am so thankful that our family was together to celebrate his birthday - as he told me when I left, he is now in his 86th year!

The Thanksgiving image above was made by welding the turkey from My Community to the "Happy Thanksgiving" phrase from Wild Card. If you look closely you will see that the "webbing" or detail lines are cut on the turkey.  Normally these lines disappear when items are welded but you can get them to cut by using "hide selected contour."  I have explained this before on my blog (here is a LINK to an old post and a LINK to the follow up post).

In between baking and last minute food shopping tomorrow, I will try to get a video showing this method of preserving the details in welded cuts posted.  Many people have told me that they find these videos very helpful and easier to understand than a long words and pictures post.

Good Luck with all of your last minute preparations (and with planning your purchases for the Thanksgiving sales!)

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