Thursday, December 6, 2012

November Box Winner (and a catch up day)

How are your holiday preparations going?  It seems to me that a couple of days ago it was mid-November and suddenly there are only 18 days until Christmas (and Hanukkah begins Saturday evening!).  Did any of you set out shoes last night for Nikolausabend?  This was one of our favorite traditions when we lived in Germany.  Today is St. Nicholas Day and in Germany children place a boot outside the front door on the evening of December 5th.  If they have been good, St. Nicholas will fill it with sweets and gifts.  If they have not been good, they will find only a tree branch in the boot.  You can read about these traditions in a Wikipedia article HERE.

An American family that we knew when we lived in Germany had never heard of this tradition.  They had gone for a hike on December 5th and left their muddy boots outside.  Their landlords lived next door and they put treats in the boots.  Can you imagine how surprised they all were the next morning - it must have seemed truly magical to the children!

I hope you enjoyed the posts I set up for the time that I was away.  Since I post nearly everyday, there are often projects that some readers miss the first time around.  We have several family members who are facing serious health challenges and it was important to us to make a trip to see them. 

I wasn't able to draw a winner for the November gift box while I was away.  Today was the typical "day after" a trip with more to do than hours to do it in.  I finally had a chance to count the comments and draw a winner.  I am happy to post the result...

Congratulations Myrna!

Please email me at with your mailing information and I'll get the box posted.  There will be a few extra surprises in the box to make up for the delay in the drawing. 

I have had a lot of emails and questions about the Silhouette machines and software and I will try to continue with the posts comparing the Cameo and the Cricut.  It seems that many of you have ordered machines and will be looking for some help adjusting to the new system.  I'll have some more tutorials and videos to share in the coming weeks.  The software is so versatile - I designed the badge to announce the winner of the November box in just a few minutes using the Silhouette Studio program (free version).

Things should get back to normal over the next few days.  I do need to go see my Dad again next week but I will be sure to get some of my new projects ready to share while I am gone.

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  1. Congratulations, Myrna! Just like Christmas...

  2. Diane
    Wow I am so thrilled to have won. Thank you so much.
    I follow faithfully every morning when I open the computer and you have been so much encouragement for me. I am enjoying your comparisons for cutting machines.
    Keeping you, your family, and your dad in prayer.


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