Saturday, November 12, 2011

Make your own glittered shapes

I've been buying lots of glittered paper for a couple of projects.  I have found many different types and each has advantages and disadvantages.   Many people are reluctant to cut glittered paper in their electronic machines but I have had good luck with any type of paper that has the glittered embedded in the manufacturing process.  I don't cut glittered paper in the machine if I can rub the glitter off with my hand.

One alternative to cutting glittered paper in your machine is to simply cut the shape you want from regular cardstock and then turn it into a glittered shape.  I like to do this with Versamark ink and embossing powder.  Different combinations of paper, ink and embossing powder will give different results.  The main thing to be careful about is to avoid overheating the embossed shape. 

You can turn the most basic white cardstock into something special with a little embossing magic.  If you'd like to see the step-by-step photos and directions, please click HERE to visit the post I made last year.

Another way to add glitter to a shape is to run the cut image through a Xyron machine (if it is a word be sure to do it so the adhesive will be on the top) and then add some fine glitter.  If  you burnish it into the adhesive it should be pretty stable.   If you just want to add straight lines of glitter, you can use Scor-Tape and add the glitter.  A very old post that shows this method is HERE (and I still have not gotten around to buying the large sheet of Scor-Tape or red liner adhesive to try glittering a larger and more intricate shape).

Thank you for the prayers and good wishes for my Dad.  MizMaryAnn mentioned sending cards for him - what a nice thought.  If you have the time or have a spare card on hand that would be lovely.  I don't want to post his address here, but if you'd like to send a birthday card (his birthday is on the 17th) or a "feel better - thinking of you" card he'd probably enjoy getting more mail than usual.  You can email me at for the address.  Cards with tractors, covered bridges or cows would be great or anything with a funny, punny sort of humor (you know - the ones that are "as old as Moses' toes and twice as corny!").  

I hope you have a nice weekend.  I hope to share some of my glittered paper projects tomorrow.  I took a spill down some stairs on Thursday and hit my head, elbow and toe pretty hard.  It started to hurt a lot more on Friday so I had to take things pretty slow.

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  1. Hi Diane,
    I hope you and your father are both feeling better soon!
    Renee Zarate

  2. Hi Diane,
    So sorry you and your Dad are not feeling well. Please get well soon! I love your blog!

  3. Get well soon...hope you didn't break the toe...

    Thank you for sharing...may give this a try since I have a xyron do you do lettering..send the item thru backwards/upside down. Have to have the lettering come out right-side

  4. Ouch! I hope you feel better soon! Happy bday to your dad!

  5. Speedy recovery for both you and your Dad.
    I have tried the sheets of adhesive (scor tape) and it works great, especially when you want to cut a design in your Cricut to glitter.

  6. Hope you and your dad are feeling better soon. Those falls hurt worse the next couple a days after the fall than the day you fall. I triped with a ice chest in my hands last summer landing flat on my face on concrete, Broke my nose and blacked both eyes, ruined my glasses.

  7. Hope your dad is feeling better and I hope he has a great birthday. Can you please tell me which cartridge you used to cut your first glitter item. It is so pretty!

  8. Thanks everyone for the good wishes - I am stiff and sore but fine and Dad sounded good when I talked to him today.

    G-ma - just put the word in so the adhesive will be on the front, then add your glitter on top. If you want it to be sticky to adhere to your project, run it through again. I think all of the Xyron machines are the same - so normally you have the word facing up when it goes through to get the adhesive on the back. Flip it to have the adhesive on the front.

    Tami - I just need to remember to buy one of those sheets(!)

    Janlynn - ouch - that sounds terrible - I hope it didn't take too long to recover.

    Cheryl, The snowflake is one that I designed using the Reminisce Accents Cricut cartridge. I shared the file in the original post. I just went back and changed the link to a direct download if you'd like to try it. Reminisce Accents is a great cartridge. It is a Creative Memories exclusive and if you don't have it and don't have a CM consultant that you work with already you can order it from my CM site - there is a link in the post.

  9. So sorry about your fall, Diane. Hope your around and creating soon. I often use spray glue with glitter to ( in a box I have for spraying the glue.) I find this works great and is very quick. Take it easy ;- )


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