Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time to Fall Back

Today is the day we go back to standard time.  I am very fond of the "fall back" day and I sometimes play a game and turn the clock later in the day so I get the feeling that I am actually gaining an hour!  The part I don't like is sunset at 4:30 in the afternoon (and it will only get worse until January).

My trip to Maine was great.  I enjoyed talking to the group and meeting some new people.  We had a lovely turkey dinner so it was like an early Thanksgiving celebration.  I was exhausted by the time we got back and needed to rest and take the night off (even though I really wanted to work with my some of my new finds). 

I wanted to share this photo of some roses that are still blooming.  We saw them in a garden in town when we were walking to the Antiques Fair.  The faded blooms just appealed to me - the last roses of summer in November!  The photo above is my original image directly from the camera - no cropping or editing.

After some photo editing magic (done with Creative Memories Memory Manager 3.0) I had this image.  I was thinking of adding a quote or short poem in the lower left corner and using this for a card.  To do that, I added the edited photo to a new project in Creative Memories StoryBook Creator 4.0

I started to play around with the images and used one of the filters to create a rose "tile" (you can see the 3D edges that were added.

It is always interesting the see the subsidiary patterns that form when you arrange symmetrical groupings of the same image.

To create this image, I rotated some of the roses in the lower left corner.

I grouped the four tiles and then made another page with four of the groupings.  The rotation shows the original shadow and creates the uneven effect with the borders.

This final image is made up of sixteen rose images in groups of four that are mirrored and flipped to create the symmetrical pattern. 

Even though I started with just a simple photo, I was able to create something unique and pretty in a short amount of time.  I will print out some of these patterns I have been making so I can use them for projects.  Once again, I wish that I could use my Imagine to print 12 x 12 copies of the images that I create in addition to the images that are on the cartridges.   Maybe someday...

In the meanwhile, does anyone have a suggestion for a good but not too expensive wide format printer?  I think that may be on my wish list for Christmas...

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  1. I like my HP Photosmart B8550. It isn't available on the HP website anymore, but I did check and other places seems to have it (Amazon, for about $155.) The inks are all separate and they're supposed to be good quality so I feel good about using prints for scrapbooking. I have trouble getting the prints to look just like how I've cropped pictures in Photoshop, so that's been frustrating, but otherwise it seems like a pretty good machine. E-mail me if you want to know more!


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