Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Mystery Box...

I found this box at a second hand/antique store.  Can you guess what was inside it?

 I thought it looked like a box for a handkerchief - and I was right.  I did find some other surprises inside.

 It turned out that there were two handkerchiefs, a rose sachet and a sweet little illustration and poem.

 At the top of the box you can see a little bit of the fabric-like tissue paper that lined the box originally.  The box itself is also covered in fabric.

The sachet does not smell like roses now - I wonder how old it is?

 Here is the sweet little friendship poem.  The illustration appears to be hand colored.

Something about this little box and the contents just made me "need" it - the style of the label on the bottom of the box was very appealing.

Here is the question - do you have any idea what I paid for this nostalgic package?  It was purchased in Massachusetts in a town about an hour from Boston.  I am curious to see what you think it is worth...

I already have plans for the contents and the graphics - so keep your eyes sharp to see when they appear on the blog again.

We are driving home today - a short visit is better than no visit and we'll try to get back in another month or so.  Tomorrow I'll be putting up the Christmas tree at the museum with my neighbor.  I hope we like the final result once it is in place!  Photos to follow...

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  1. $10.00 dollars would be a steal for such loveliness.I am looking forward to some special creations made with items from the box.

  2. I think you paid $6.50. I love finding treasures that touch us! I buy things like this, think I will use them in a project and then can't part with them. I hope you are successful in your use for them! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh boy I love these kinds of finds. Now I am going to hope you got it for $25. because that would be a really fantastic deal. I don't think you can put a price on something so sweet. I can't wait to see what you paid. Have a wonderful day!

  4. What a lovely find! I believe you may have paid $3.00 for it, but this treasure is worth a lot more! Sandra Joy

  5. I would say you paid about $10.00 for this treasure. I love antiques, even though I don't have many but I like ti imagine who used the items and how they were displayed in the homes. In the mid 80's my mom bought me an antique beaded evening bag, and the history I got was, "It was used in 1935 by a young lady when she went to her school dance".

  6. What a wonderful find. I can see some sweet little lady getting this as a gift and putting it away in a drawer because she didn't want to use it and mess it up-(that's what my g'mother would have done.) From the graphics it looks pretty old. I'm horrible at guesstimating so what do you think, circa 1930?? Looking forward to the pics of the tree.

  7. So hard to put a price on something so beautiful, but knowing what sells and what doesn't I'm going to have to say $2.00. Maybe I should have stuck with my first choice which was $4.99. How's your hand? Healing properly I hope.

  8. I am going to guess you paid 5.00 I miss Mass sometimes but love the Cali weather, grew up just outside of Springfield. Sticking with 5.00 Karen

  9. $1.00 - Wonderful find.

  10. Old linens are going much higher these days but I can't imagine you'd pay more than $7 for the box and contents.

  11. I loved the tag on this box, too! The font is wonderful and the logo and graphic are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!


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