Friday, November 18, 2011

Digital Cartridges and Hello Thursday

Yesterday was "Hello Thursday" - the day when Provocraft announces new cartridges.  There were only two announced - Snow Days and Cricut Font and Basic ShapesSnow Days is a seasonal Mini and Cricut Font and Basic Shapes is a digital cartridge that is free with the purchase of the new Cricut Mini machine.  You can check them out on the Hello Thursday page HERE.  Click on the cartridge boxes on the top left shelf to see the "look book" for each cartridge.  Two cartridges may seem like a small number for a Hello Thursday release, however, the new Mini was launched on Monday and there were just twenty digital cartridges released as Craft Room exclusives. 

You can see the Craft Room Exclusives HERE.  The images on the Craft Room Exclusives include some of the often requested categories (such as Greek Letters).  I think the price is high - some sets include only five or six images for $9.99.  However, if there is an image set that you find appealing, it might be a reasonable price to pay.  I used to be happy to pay $10 (with a coupon) for a set of four sizzlits dies which would only cut in one size and did not have layers.

When I checked the site I counted 275 cartridges that are now available as digital cartridges.  You can see them HERE.  This may be good news if you have been trying to find an older or discontinued cartridge, however the prices are full retail prices.  As I understand it, digital cartridges are available to you in the Craft Room and will transfer to your Gypsy for use without a computer or internet access.  The digital cartridges will be added to the Gypsy the next time you run Cricut Sync.  If the images are very new, you might have to wait for an update to add the cartridge to the Gypsy.

If you click on the white shelves in the center of the Hello Thursday page you will see some cartridges that are retiring - however, with the digital cartridge option I am not sure that it matters anymore...

You can see more images and some projects made with the Snow Days and Cricut Font and Basic Shapes cartridges on the Official Cricut Blog

(if you are curious about the cut at the top of this post...I'll tell you more about it in a few days)

My hand is healing and we are on our way to Pennsylvania today - I'll try to catch up with email now that I can type a bit better but it may take me a few more days so please be patient.  I do try to answer all emails- if you haven't heard back and it has been a week or more please feel free to send another message - sometimes things get lost in the shuffle!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Have a safe trip! I hope you find your Dad doing well and have a good time with him.

    See you on Thanksgiving!

    Melanie (your SIL, not your crafting friend)

  2. Have a wonderful visit with your Dad. I'm sure he's delighted to get to see his daughter again. Be safe and stay healthy.


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