Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kit and Deal of the Month for November from Creative Charms (and a little more Halloween)

I hope you had some fun on Halloween.  I have a few photos to share from our neighborhood celebration - the first time I can ever remember snow on the ground for trick-or-treating.  You can scroll down to see them.

First, I need to let you know about the new kit and deal of the month packages from Creative Charms  If you participated in the Blog Hop last weekend, you have already seen the new offers for November.  They are full of great colors and designs to use on your holiday projects.

The November Kit of the Month contains 42 Pieces and includes...

·         Christmas Twinkle Stickers – 10 Pieces
·         Christmas Vintage Metal Frames – 6 Pieces
·         Red Fuzzy Daisy Medley – 2 Pieces
·         Green Braided Daisy Medley – 4 Pieces
·         Red Braided Daisy Medley – 4 Pieces
·         Forest Green Vintage Poppies – 8 Pieces
·         Red Vintage Poppies – 8 Pieces

This great group of special embellishments is available for only $14.99 (the regular price would be $24.43).

The November Deal of the Month contains 138 Pieces and includes...

·         Red & Green Vintage Jewels – 12 Pieces
·         Holiday Gradient Gem Stickers – 76 Pieces
·         18” Red Vintage Velvet Ribbon
·         18” Green Wide Fancy Polka Dot Ribbon
·         18” Red Wide Fancy Polka Dot Ribbon
·         Green Gradient Gem Brads– 12 Pieces
·         Red Gradient Gem Brads – 12 Pieces
·         Red Vintage Gem Brads – 9 Pieces
·         Red Pure Blossoms – 14 Pieces

All of this sparkly loveliness for only $6.99 (at regular prices they would cost $20.42).

These specials give you great value for money and there will be lots of inspiration for you on the Creative Charms blog throughout the month.  Our new Design Team begins this month and I am excited to see their projects.

To celebrate the new month, Creative Charms is doing a giveaway and the prize is the November Kit of the Month. To enter you only need to leave a comment on the Creative Charms Facebook Page this week. The winner will be announced on Monday, November 7th. 


We had lots of kids trick-or-treating this year.  We keep a tally to help us decide how much candy to buy and the total was 118 (give or take - sometimes they arrive in swarms and it is hard to tell the exact number!)

It looked very odd to see the decorations in the snow at our neighbor's house.  We've had plenty of rainy Halloweens, but this was the first snow that I can remember. 

The snow was a problem for many towns around us because we still have lots of leaves on the trees - you don't usually have to shovel before you rake but this was an odd storm.  Many areas lost power due to trees falling on the lines and some towns postponed or cancelled Halloween.

One of our neighbors hosted a pizza party so everyone could show off their costumes.  There were also games of "skill" - eating a donut without using your hands is a challenge!

It's fun to see lots of new families with young children in the neighborhood again.  We have a tradition of the Halloween "Parade" and everyone walks around the circle before it gets dark enough to start trick or treating.  This banner was made by Michelle to replace one that we think moved away with an old neighbor!

This was probably my favorite costume - because it was so clever.  This is my neighbor Virginia who was Virginia for Halloween!  If you take a close look you will see that this was made using the 50 States Cricut cartridge (which her Mom borrowed from me a couple of days ago!).  Virginia made the state shape from a foam core board and had two (front and back) hanging from her shoulders.

Of course, we had plenty of princesses and action figures too.  The medieval princess look seems to be very popular this year - it must be those hoop skirts!

We had the candy all set out and ready to go - I am proud to say that I didn't sneak and eat any of it ahead of time (though I did have some "leftovers" last night).

Our son dressed up as this "scary guy" and sat very still.  Most of the kids thought he was a mannequin - until he suddenly made scary noises and put up those skeleton hands!

He didn't try to scare the tiny little ones - but they were fascinated and a bit frightened just at the sight of him.

The twins are getting so much bigger and have finally moved into their rebuilt house after the fire (it's been nearly two years - they were little babies when it happened).

Finally, today is the day when the new Cricut cartridge "Tis the Season" is available to order on my Creative Memories personal website.  You can access the Cricut Page on my Creative Memories personal website by clicking HERE or using the link in the left side column of my blog and browsing to the page (under "shop" - "paper scrapbooking" - "tools").  If you'd  like to see all of the images that this cartridge will cut, click HERE and scroll down a bit in the post - all of the images can be clicked to be made larger.

I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about any of the Cricut cartridges (Reminisce Accents, Cheerful Seasons, Stork's Delivery, Traveler and 'Tis the Season) that are exclusive to Creative Memories.  The Expression 2 that was available through Creative Memories with an exclusive cartridge is sold out and there won't be any more available.

One more thing (I bet you thought I forgot!)...

The Creative Charms Fall Blog Hop Prize winner for my blog was Miranda - congratulations!

Please email me at capadiadesigns@gmail.com with your mailing address and I'll get the package in the mail as soon as possible.

The card with the cat in the pumpkin seemed to be the most popular - I thought all of the images were great and there are many more to be found at Twisted Papers - I am just getting started with some Christmas projects using images from their site.

Be sure to check the Creative Charms Blog to see if you were the grand prize winner for the Fall Blog Hop - congratulations to the big winner!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I am so super excited!!!! I just emailed you my mailing address! Love the pics! TFS

  2. I am SO jealous of all of your trick or treaters! I live at the back of a cul de sac made up of mainly older people who turn off all their lights, so we had NO little ones for the 2nd year in a row. Even though our lights are on and the house is decorated, I too would consider it a waste of time to go all the way to the back for just one house! Thanks for sharing your pics! At least I got to see a few costumes!

  3. Glad your halloween wasn't hampered by the snow (not just because it was halloween, heard it was really bad in some places.) Love how you have the neighbors and a sign with your costumes, so cool ;- ) Thanks for sharing some costumes. I missed handing out treats for personal reasons, so it was good to see your photos. Have a great week!


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