Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lots of tea light holders

These vellum candle shades are one of my all time favorite Cricut projects - very simple to do and so pretty.  You can read about how to make them at THIS POST.

Do you remember the candle holders I made for Halloween using the orange lids from Tropicana Orange juice bottles?

(Just click the photos to go to the original posts)

The orange color was perfect for Halloween and I collected some extras thinking that I could spray paint them for Christmas.

Well, here is some good news - if you buy the "orange juice beverage" that comes in this bottle it already has a red top - perfect for Christmas versions of the tea light holders.

I  have another idea for a way to use two of these bottle tops together - any guesses?

Today we will take a day trip to Toledo.  Everyone tells us it is a beautiful city with lots to see.  We will be trying out the marzipan candy that is made in all sorts of interesting tiny shapes - and yes, I will take photos!

(I am on a trip to see our son and daughter-in-law in Spain this week.  I wanted those of you on the email subscription to have something arrive each morning as usual, so I am sharing photos and short updates.  If I have internet access and time I will try to add some new photos from Spain when possible.  I have lots of crafty projects lined up to tackle when we get back, so stay tuned!).

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  1. Such beautiful tea light candles and very clever using the juice caps.
    First and only thing that came to my mind by putting 2 together was to make it into a drum and use as tree ornament.

  2. Yummy, love marzipan! Glad you're having fun.


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