Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Upcycle a Bottle Top with Creative Charms

Upcycling combines crafting and recycling to create new, interesting and useful things from ordinary objects that might otherwise be thrown away.  Today is my day to post on the Creative Charms blog and I shared these tea light holders made from a very ordinary object.

Our family likes Tropicana orange juice.  It used to come in cartons, but just recently it started to appear in these bottles.

The only identifying mark on the lid is on the top.  This will not be seen since the top becomes the bottom for this project.

As soon as I saw these new lids an idea popped into my head - the pointed pattern on the outsidemade me think of Halloween...

...and the center circle was just the right size to hold a battery operated tealight!  There is a slight gap between the inner screw top and the outer lid - perfect to hold a piece of vellum upright.

I measured carefully and determined that a piece of vellum cut at six inches and overlapped by about 1/4 inch to form a tube would fit neatly in the gap.  For the first light, I cut the vellum at 6 inches by 4 inches.

I punched a spiderweb strip with the Martha Stewart Deep Edger Spiderweb punch.  I used some Creative Memories Precision Point Adhesive along the center line to adhere the strip to the vellum.

I placed the trim on the vellum at about an inch from the top and 1/4 inch from the side edge.  Then I used my adhesive tape gun to place adhesive along the short edge.

I rolled the vellum into a cylinder and stuck the edges together.  Then I trimmed off the excess spiderweb border.

I added some large gradient gem stickers to the triangle sections of the lid.

Then I added some tiny gem stickers to the tips of the triangles. 

I used the punched trim to keep this project very simple.


You could easily design a shade similar to the one I did several years ago with various Halloween images (you can read more about this lantern HERE).

For the second light, I used a piece of vellum six by three inches and punched the top with a Martha Stewart border punch of spiders.  I added little black gem stickers to the spider bodies.

For the third light, I cut the vellum at two by six inches and added some leaf shaped gems and sequins from the  Fall Medley.  I attached these to the vellum with glue dots and left a short gap for the 1/4 inch seam.

I added an extra sequin leaf over the seam so the pattern would be consistent.

You could make these without the orange juice lids but they add color and a firm base to each tea light.  If you wanted to make these for another holiday, you could spray paint the lids to make the bases in your chosen color.  I think they would look nice in gold for Christmas.

I used different colors and varied the placement and sizes of the gems on each holder.

The battery operated tea lights stay cool and there is little danger of the light touching the vellum since it sits in a separate channel.

The other project I posted for Creative Charms is this Autumn card.  I have always liked the word art on this Cuttlebug folder.

I started with some ordinary kraft cardstock cut at 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches and folded in half for an A2 card.  I placed the front of the card in the Cuttlebug folder and embossed the design.

Next I colored the words "Autumn" and "Blessings" with my ProMarkers so they would stand out on the card front.

I used Cinnamon for "Autumn" and Walnut for "Blessings." It is fairly easy to stay on the embossed area and slight wobbles won't matter in the end.

The next step was to spray the entire card front with Glimmer Mist.  I used my favorite color, "Sun Sisters," which gives a lovely sparkle and glow.

I used my embossing heat gun to speed up the drying of the glimmer mist.

The inside of the card is not very attractive after coloring and the spraying warped the cardstock just a bit so I added a liner to the card.

I cut a piece of ivory cardstock at 8 1/4 x 5 1/4 inches and folded it in half.  I added adhesive all over the top and centered the liner in the card.  Then I closed the embossed card top over the adhesive and fixed the liner in position.

The back part of the liner stays free and allows space for an extra message.  Since it is not attached to the back the card will open and close easily.

It is very hard to capture the sparkle of the Glimmer Mist in a photo but the effect is very pretty and it totally changes the look of the raw kraft cardstock.

The  Knitter's Garden - Orange Flowers looked too much like Spring for this card so I added  Amber Vintage Brads and an Amber Vintage Marble Brad to the centers.

The flowers take on a more elegant look with the brads added.

I filled in with some leaf sequins from the Fall Medley .  Everything is attached with glue dots - first the gold leaves and then the flowers.

Creative Charms Mini-Giveaway winner...

The winner from the comments on my last Creative Charms posts chosen by random.org was Yelowflower

Could you please contact me with your mailing information as soon as possible?  I'll be sending you...

...an assortment of leaf gems and sequins to use for your own cards.

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I wonder how many of you will start looking through your fridge for bottle caps to alter - do you like orange juice?  If you do some upcycling be sure to let me know and send a photo if you can.

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  1. You always have unique ideas, and the candle holders are a great one. Love the bling. Also the card is lovely. Thanks

  2. Quelles jolis objets, de belles idées ! Bravo

  3. Great idea! Love the way they turned out. Love your card too! those flowers are wonderful.

  4. Heh, heh, you not only got me looking in my frig., you got me going to the groc. store and getting one!!! LOL! I love those candle holders.....so off to the groc. store for me!!! Thanks for sharing this neat idea with us all!!!

  5. wow, this is such a creative idea! Just love it! I think I could even do it!

  6. I agree with Barbara A...you have me looking in my frig and looking at everyday items with a new eye. Also, you've got me loving Creative Charms. Just love their embellies!
    MCF's Mimi

  7. Your tea light holders would be an excellent project to do with my grandkids - and they would love having their own Halloween "candle" - safe enough to have in their bedroom. Your card is beautiful, too. Love the glimmer mist on the craft cardstock!

  8. Diane -

    I love your projects today. The tea lights are adorable and such a wonderful way to upcycle. It almost makes me want to drink some OJ.

    The card is wonderful as always. Thank you for a very inspirational day.

  9. I love these what a neat idea. I'm wondering what I could do for christmas with these lids. thanks for the kewl project and idea.

  10. What a terrific idea for the OJ tops. I've been buying the OJ in the gal size for my hubby but I'm switing to a few of the smaller sizes until I get a nice collection. Thanks for the great details.

  11. You have outdone yourself on this project. These are just the cutest....off to buy some Tropicana. You should send this idea to them! I can also see looking around the grocery store or my pantry for other bottle or jar tops that could be used in a similar manner. You could even spray paint the orange tops a gold and use in a Christmasy manner.

  12. This is soooo cool and creative! I envy your creativity and thank you for sharing! I am a follower and subscriber:-)
    jejaeb (at) cfl (dot) rr (dot) com

  13. Absolutely love your card, It is just so pretty. Love the idea of the juice cap and vellum candles. Just yesterday I looked at a medicine cap and saw a future cupcake....Years ago I used soda caps and made ring pincushions.TFS
    Dawn RI

  14. Wow! I love your creations here! The vellum luminaries are amazing!

  15. Love the candles and cards. So creative.
    Thank you
    Linda in Stanwood

  16. I bought two boxes of those candles at Costco last year and then wondered what to do with them, now I know. Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I'll be drinking Tropicana OJ this week!

  17. CLEVER!
    I really like the look of the crocheted flowers too.

  18. WOOT WOOT! lol, thanks for the wonderful 'bling' I really love reading your blog and learning new things, so this is a bit like the icing on the cake....with a good cake you don't need it, but it's sweet to have lol

  19. Pure brilliance! I am truly impressed with this project! Honestly - recycled juice tops? You are amazing! Love it.

    xx Susan

  20. Totally, amazing - what a wonderful idea. So, wonderful you guys will be on my blog! I must share this with everyone! Go Green!

  21. Nice job! I have 2 of these containers in my fridge right now. And I had thought about saving these tops in the past, but didn't have the creativity that you did to know what to do with them. Brilliant!

  22. Dianne, you should send your idea to the tropicana people...they might really like to see it! Soooo cute. I like OJ :) Card is wonderful! M

  23. Oh, very cool idea, Diane. I really love this. They turned out so great. How did you ever think of it, amazing ;- )

  24. Such a lovely card! And such a clever girl using a juice lid! Who would have thunk it! ;0) TFS!

    Kris in Alaska
    funamom at yahoo dot com

  25. love those lights you so creative


  26. I LOVE your luminaries! They are so beautiful! Your card is not bad either! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! You are amazing!

  27. I have not seen these particular lids, but I have saved the lids from gallon milk and juice cartons and used them for decorating and displaying easter eggs. The different types of milk have different color lids, and add a bright pop of color for egg to stand in. Tropicana will owe YOU for their spike is sales! TFS!

  28. I love the idea for the luminaries. Just recycled a couple of orange juice tops a few days ago. Now I wished I had them back. What a great idea.......TGS.

    Dianne Bell - Sewpro02@Aol.com

  29. Always love your ideas. So creative. Craft from orange juice caps - awesome.

  30. Love the recycling idea and those lids really are quite pretty. Your card is amazing, I would never of thought to colour the embossing in like that, it really brings it to life.
    Kim xXx


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