Saturday, October 22, 2011

Quilt Show Time

Happy Saturday - I hope you have some nice things planned for the weekend.  I have been fighting a cold for a few days and will probably spend most of my time drinking tea and sneezing.  I managed to do my shifts at our guild's quilt show on Friday and then came home and collapsed!

So today's post will be a feast for the eyes with very few words.  I took lots of photos so I will put about half of them up today and I'll share the rest of my photos tomorrow.  I was a quilter before I got so involved in papercrafting and I think there are many similarities between the two obsessions.  I tend to favor the geometric quilt style for my own work but I am fascinated by the intricate applique that some people do so well.

The show takes place in a church that has movable seating in the sanctuary so many of the quilts are hanging in this beautiful airy room.

This quilt is titled "Safari Star" and is full of interesting batik fabrics and prints.

 I had to add a photo of this quilt "Southern Memories" for my Texas friends!

The colors and patterns in fabrics and papers have an endless appeal.

This was one of my favorites - "Nasturtium."

The photo attached shows the inspiration for the quilt - what a fantastic translation of nature to fabric!

There were also some amazing garments - this vest is interesting in the front...

..with an incredible elephant on the back!

Some of the quilts are miniatures including this delicate "Bird of Paradise."

Here is the full view of the quilt at the top of this post - the colors just glow and there is a lot of quilting with silver metallic threads.

This wonderful applique top was purchased on eBay...

...with incredibly detailed quilting done by one of our talented members.

Here is one more fantastic applique quilt - all of the applique and the quilting were done by hand - something like this takes years to do!

There was even a room where some vintage quilts were displayed.  These colors are incredibly vibrant and the hexagons in this flower garden pattern were quite small.

Here is the last one for today - spectacular silk fans with ribbon spokes and a coin at the base of each fan.

It was truly a feast for the eyes and a source of great inspiration for future projects.  I'll have more photos to share tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these wonderful works of art. 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So much talent. They are beautiful. The bird of paradise and the one at the top remind me of looking into a kalidescope. Feel better soon.

  2. I am blown away by the talent! I don't sew, but your quilts inspire me to learn! Well done, ladies.

  3. Love the quilts, but where is yours? I think we are two peas from a similar pod. lol They ARE similar obsessions and I do both, thus the name of my blog "bits and pieces". I do my quilting when we go south for the winter since it's easier to take my sewing machine and fabric than all the paper crafting supplies.

  4. I love quilts! I believe that I also love them for the same reasons that I love papercrafting - combining colors and patterns to create something beautiful. I tried quilting but didn't have the patience for finishing such time-consuming projects. I do much better with things that I can finish in a couple of hours max! Thanks so much for sharing these incredible creations!!!

  5. Gorgeous quilts, Diane! Don't you just love going to quilt shows? I got to attend the International Quilt Show in Houston a few years ago and it was a spectacular event. I spent 2 days there and still didn't get to see everything! If you ever get the opportunity to go, you should. Looks like there was plenty to see at this one though. I hope you get over that cold soon.

  6. Wowie zowie, these are GORGEOUS!

    My step-grandmother was a quilter, sewing all of the intricate designs and the quilting by hand, and her work would have fit right in with this display.

    Wendy T.

  7. The quilts are fantastic. The safari is my favorite as I never would have thought of using Batik prints, which I love, making a quilt. Thanks for sharing. Joan in Florida

  8. When my grandmother was in her 80's she won $500 from her church for her beautiful handmade quilt fan design. She was written up in the local paper and you could just see the pride in her face. No, I didn't inherit her quilting talent! I wish you a speedy recovery Diane. Take extra vitamin C!

  9. These are exquisite works of art, Diane. I abso-lutely adore the Nasturtium, but they all are incredible!
    Get well quick and thanks so much for sharing with us.

  10. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Quilts are SO beautiful, and you are right, the patterns in papers are much like those in fabric. That's why I love them! I used to do a lot of sewing but my Psoriasis has slowed that down, and paper works quite well. Hurray!


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