Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quilt Show (part two)

As promised, today I have more quilt photos to share with you.  I have been taking it very slow, drinking tea and resting.  Thanks for all of the get well wishes.  Sometimes you just have to accept that it takes a cold "seven days to go away if you treat it and a week if you don't" - in another few days I should be getting back to normal!

There were two quilts at the show that featured fish.  The photo at the top of this post shows the detail on a quilt with cross stitched fish and sea life.

This quilt featured a very large and beautiful fish with lots of interesting fabrics, beads and metallic threads for the details.  The shimmer and shine gave the impression that the fish might actually be swimming!

There were quite a few smaller quilts - but size can be deceptive.  Some of these quilts are very detailed and actually take longer to make than a bed sized quilt from a simple pattern.

This was one of the small quilts - inspired by the Chihuly glass exhibit that was in Boston recently.  If you have never seen Chihuly glass it is definitely worth your time to visit Dale Chihuly's site and spend some time looking around at the amazing glass sculptures.

Here are a few more of the small quilts.  The colors of the center top quilt are stunning and the quilt at the lower right is actually four panels that create a scene.

This quilt had very cute frog fabric in the center of the blocks.

The use of color on this "attic window" quilt creates the 3D effect.  There are dinosaurs in each window and the corner blocks look like some sort of paw. 

This dramatic quilt was a "mystery quilt" where you buy fabrics in certain values and then follow directions each month to build the quilt - you don't know until the end how it will turn out.

A very large "cathedral window" quilt was hanging in front of the windows and looked almost liked stained glass.

The quilt was done using a "quilt as you go" method and I am planning to get the instructions and try something smaller (maybe a table runner?).

Strip piecing and a bargello technique make this flag look like it is ruffling in the breeze.

The details in some of the quilting are beautiful - do you see the dragonflies in this simple square?  I am amazed at the skill of some of the machine quilters.

This was another of my favorites - I do tend to gravitate to the blues and greens.

I also have a "thing" about hexagons.  Aren't these fabrics just stunning?

This hollyhock design is so cheerful - it reminds me of the hollyhocks at the family farm.

This quilt is actually an advent calendar.  The individual images are paper pieced (the design is printed on paper and you sew the fabric to the paper, flipping each section as you sew, to form the image).

The four red corners hold each mini-quilt in place.  The reverse side of each quilt is the same fabric and at the beginning of December all of the pieces are flipped to the plain side.  Each day one quilt can be turned around to show the design until Christmas Eve arrives.

There was a great mix of traditional and modern quilt styles.  This quilt is called "Galaxies" and there is a swirl of beads through the center and small beads in the dark blue area - faraway stars.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these quilts - there were many more in the show so these are just some highlights.  For those of you who asked - I didn't have a quilt in the show.  Paper crafting has taken over most of my time but I certainly feel inspired to try a few small projects.  Quilting is a good winter activity - the quilt can keep you warm as you work on it!

Do you have a favorite from all of the quilts I shared?  Can you see some ideas that will translate into paper projects...?  Have a creative day!

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing. These quilts are stunning. I just got back into quilting this year and .... I missed it! What an inspiration to see these.

  2. Hope you are feeling better today. I love these quilts. I am a water person and love the fish. The flag is wonderful also. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks you so much, Diane for sharing this. I love looking at quilts. I love them am and get itchy to do landscape quilts when I see them, but am really not much of a sew-er. I do appreciate the art of them though and find them, as all arts an inspiration. I have forwarded you on to my dear friend, who is a quilter ;-) We find we can appreciate each others passions. Have a great week.

  4. This quilt blog is so impressive. I've done a little quilting and would love to try the Cathedral or stained glass quilt. The Mystery quilt was gorgeous and what a neat way to make a quilt. There are so many ways that I can see imcorporating these quilts into papercrafting. Great inspiration all around.

  5. Thank you for sharing these AMAZING quilts. I had forgotten I liked to quilt (I like scrapping more) and I need to get back into it, thank you for the inspiration.
    Do you have directions on any of these/know how to do these? I would love to read some how to's on these techniques, especially the advent quilt, and the Strip piecing and a bargello technique in the flag quilt. Thanks again


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