Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Elegant Wreath

I had quite a day on Tuesday - lots of fires to put out and some unexpected complications.  I have a left hand wrapped in bandages right now so it is hard to type and I definitely can't do much with the hand for a few days.

With all of the fanfare about the new Cricut Mini and the Craft Room, I thought I'd share something to remind you to look carefully at the cartridges you own - you never know where you might find an unexpected treasure.  Using Design Studio, the Gypsy or now the online Craft Room can greatly expand the usefulness of your cartridges.  Of course, you do still have to work with the images available on the cartridges that you own. 

This wreath works beautifully to frame a page.  You can read all about it at THIS POST from a couple of years ago and adapt the idea to one of your projects.  Without peeking at the labels, can you tell me which cartridge this wreath is from?  My file is also available to download if you want to see how it was done.

I hope to be able to use my hand more tomorrow - sorry for the super short post today.  I had a minor surgery that turned out to be more involved than I expected but everything is fine.  How are your Thanksgiving preparations going? 

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  1. I think the wreath was made using the 50 states cartridge. Hope the hand heals quickly!

  2. Great wreath but I don't know what cartridge it is from. Hope your hand feels better soon. I am going to family for Thanksgiving so no preperations for me.

  3. I actually have this cartridge....50 States.

    So sorry that you are going through pain now with your hand. I do hope that it heals fast.

    We are heading from TX to MD over the Holidays to be with our youngest son and family. I am surprising the grandkids with an Original Baby Cricut and a lot of crafty supplies. It will be their Christmas present from us. Now I won't have to take my machines and supplies when we visit again. They LOVE to craft with Mema.

    Heal fast my dear crafting friend.

  4. So sorry to hear of your misfortune and wish you a very speedy recovery! The wreath is adorable. Sandra Joy

  5. sorry to hear about your rough Tuesday :( ...hope you recover quickly :)
    as for the wreath I think its from Joy of the season...

  6. Diane, were you literally putting out fires, thus the bandage??? Take care!! I love your practical approach to our crafting:-)
    ( btw, I am secretly lusting a Silhouette cameo so you will have to let us know if you get one - I too love the freedom to "mess" with my cuts)

  7. I hope your hand will be fine pretty soon.

  8. Diane, you are so right about looking at the carts we have. There are so many repeated disigns. They maybe in a different format but so many are the same. Your wreath is lovely.
    Hugs, Debi

  9. So sorry about your hand and I hope it's back to normal soon. I don't know what cart the wreath is from (if it is 50 States, I don't have it) but I can see how I can use a different one to duplicate it.


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