Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Trees

 When do you put up your Christmas tree?  Do you put up just one or several?  Real or artificial?  I am a bit obsessed with trees and we have many in our house.  I put the artificial ones up gradually over the month of December.  We also get a live tree each year and we decorate it on Christmas Eve.

You can click HERE to see a post from my first year of blogging where I shared some photos of our trees and other decorations.  This photo shows the most unusual tree - an "upside down" tree.

Today we will be driving to Granada.  I think it is interesting that this city is at the confluence of three rivers - just like the town of Concord where we live!

(I am on a trip to see our son and daughter-in-law in Spain this week.  I wanted those of you on the email subscription to have something arrive each morning as usual, so I am sharing photos and short updates.  If I have internet access and time I will try to add some new photos from Spain when possible.  I have lots of crafty projects lined up to tackle when we get back, so stay tuned!).

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  1. Wow, have fun in Spain! I love Christmas and get elaborate on trees. I have 8 trees I put up each with a different theme. I change them around each year. I also go crazy decorating my stairway, fireplace mantel, corners, any place I can find a spot. he he he, it just brings the Christmas spirit to the house. I start this day after Thanksgiving and finish up a week later. Whew. But fun.

  2. I dont put up a tree any more. I gave all my ornaments to my sons family. They decorate the tree upstairs. I had 3 large boxes of just ornaments. Some dated back to 1979, and lots of Hallmarks battery motioned ornaments, My sons ornaments go back 30 years. Its been interesting to see how my DIL decorates each year. she could never use all the ornaments on one tree. She does a pretty good job at it...Love your picture of the rooster orn, I have one simular to that. I usually put up my ceramic tree tha I made years ago, but it hasnt been found yet this year.
    sounds like your enjoying your trip. Have fun.
    Dawn RI

  3. I love seeing your Christmas pictures every year. We usually decorate Thanksgiving weekend but had to postpone it to this weekend because it rained cats and dogs last Sunday. Looking forward to seeing your trip pics.


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