Monday, November 7, 2011

'Tis the Snowflakes

Last week I showed  you the beautiful snowflake cuts on the Creative Memories, 'Tis the Season cartridge.  I promised to share some ideas for ways to use these intricate cuts.

The snowflakes fill up the extra spaces on the Sleigh Ride Font keypad.  Some are very delicate and detailed while others are relatively simple.

The snowflakes have blackout shadow cuts that help to show off the patterns and you can use these in combination for cards and scrapbook pages.  They also work as ornaments for gifts or on the tree.  I like ornaments to be more three dimensional, so today I thought I'd show you a method to make some beautiful dimensional snowflakes to decorate for the holidays.

Start by cutting three identical copies of one of the snowflakes.  When choosing the snowflakes to use, look for images that can easily be folded along a center axis.

The image can be complicated or relatively simple.  The 3D version will be easier to make if there is a center to the snowflake that can work as a fold line.

The snowflake patterns should be symmetrical so they will match up when glued together.  In working with these images I found that some of them are not perfectly symmetrical.  For instance, the snowflake pattern above has little fingers that run along the points.  These do not match when the snowflake is folded along a center line so this snowflake is less desirable for making a 3D version.

To start out, stack the snowflakes and score or fold along the central line.  Then apply some glue on one half of the back of the first snowflake.  I use the Precision Point Adhesive pen from Creative Memories for this sort of job.

While the adhesive is still wet, carefully line up a second snowflake on the sticky area.  This pattern is close to symmetrical but there are minor variations.  When you work with a wet adhesive, you have a bit of time to get things aligned and stable before the snowflakes are attached permanently.

Next repeat the process to connect another snowflake to the group.  You should have two sections that are glued together and two single layers that are still open.

Before you connect the third section, you need to add something to use as a hanger for the ornament.  I have some very old silver cord that I use for lots of our tree ornaments.  Clear nylon thread or light fishing line would also work well.

 Cut a length of cord about 11 or 12 inches long and tie the ends in a sturdy knot.

Next, add a piece of Scor-Tape or another aggressive adhesive to the center inside the flake.  This extra adhesive will help to secure the hanger.

 Place the knotted cord in the Scor-Tape and add liquid adhesive to the back of the third snowflake cut.

The three snowflakes combine to make a nice dimensional snowflake.  To save time and make the flakes more festive, I used the glitter "Core Couture" cardstock from Core'dinations.  You could also cut the images from plain white cardstock and then use Versamark ink and sparkly embossing power to heat emboss the entire surface with a glittery effect.

 Here is the view from the top.  I prefer this three point design to the images that simply slide together (like some of the flakes on the winter seasonal cartridges). 

The side pieces do not match up exactly but they are close enough on this snowflake.

It wouldn't take very long to make dozens of these.  The glittered cardstock catches the light and would look great on a tree that has tiny white lights.

The curves on this flake can be tricky to cut.  The blade seems to run into trouble with so many twists and turns and one small bump in the paper surface can throw off the cutting.  If there is an error just try again - save the partial cut - it make work well on another project.

These samples were cut at three inches.  You may be able to cut the simpler snowflakes at a tiny size.  Assemble many more snowflakes if you want to make a blizzard!  The 'Tis the Season cartridge can only be purchased from an independent Creative Memories consultant.  If you are interested in buying the cartridge and do not already have a Creative Memories consultant, I'd be happy to help you.  You can order any of the exclusive Creative Memories cartridges on my personal website, click HERE to go to the page.  The order will be shipped to you directly from Creative Memories.

A note to Subscribers - My neighbor mentioned that she didn't receive the usual email on Sunday.  I think there may have been an issue with the release of emails because of the change back from daylight savings time.  If you missed yesterday's post, just click on the blog name at the top of the email to go to the web page and scroll down.  It is also possible that yesterday's post will show up in the email with this one.  Sorry for any confusion.

Today is my day to post on the Creative Charms blog - I made two cards with items from the November Kit of the Month.  Please stop over to the blog to see all of the great projects the Design Team has been creating.   I'll post the details about these cards tomorrow.

After our crazy pre-Halloween snow they say we may hit 60 degrees today!  I hope you have a great day.

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  1. What pretty snowflakes. I'm sure my daughters will want to make some like that!


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