Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Glitter and Scor-Tape - Wow!!

I acquired a lot of Martha Stewart brand glitter last year - I do have a weakness for sparkly things and it comes in such pretty colors! I used it to refurbish my Starbucks holiday decorations, using the glue that comes with the Martha Stewart kits (here is a LINK to that post if you missed it). This glue is too "wet" for cards - it makes the paper curl up and wrinkle. I wanted to use more of the glitter for paper crafting but I was not happy with the way it was sticking (or rather not sticking) to my projects.

Today I decided to try an experiment with a different method for sticking the glitter to my card. I recently got some Scor-Tape and I have used it to assemble boxes. The tape is super strong and very easy to use. On the package it also says "perfect for glitter" - so I gave it a try...

I used two sizes of Scor-Tape - 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch. I placed strips along the lower part of an A2 card, leaving the protective backing in place. Then I removed the backing from one strip at a time, sprinkled each one with the glitter and then shook off the excess.

Here you can see how perfectly even my lines of glitter turned out - and once you brush off the excess, this glitter is really stuck down! In case you are wondering, the colors I used in this sample are "golden beryl," "fire opal" and "turquoise" (top to bottom).

In this close up view you can see the contrast between the DCWV glitter cardstock and the actual glitter stuck to the card with the Scor-Tape. The sheen and sparkle from the glitter are so brilliant - the glitter stripes grab all of the attention when you look at the card.

I put the rest of the card together just to show the contrast between the glitter cardstock and the glitter applied with the Scor-Tape. I would like to try some of the wider tape - I could cut out my words or shapes and get the same brilliant sheen for the sentiment on the card.

Maybe I should make some more bunny candy holders and "sparkle them up!" I definitely recommend trying the Scor-Tape if you haven't already -I can't wait to try some more variations with it.

I'll be back to some more design studio information and maybe some files tomorrow - but I sure had fun playing with the glitter today!


  1. That is amazing! I'm so scared of glitter...I will definately try this technique now, TFS!

  2. O wow!! ANd I just ordered some of that tape and I gots lots of GLITTER O I can wait to try this..Thank U
    WEll I got to wait till the tape gets here.O WOW

  3. Thanks for the tip. I will certainly use the idea.

  4. WOW is right! this is an awesome and clever (as always) idea! And it looks great! thank you for sharing!

  5. Great idea, Cap! Is the Scor tape the same as the red Terrifically Tacky Tape? It seems like it from your description. i haven't used my glitter much and am anxious to try this - flock too1

  6. YUP! I love it! And the best thing.... ScoreTape is less expensive than the redliner tape and it holds the glitter just as well. WOohoo!! I'm all for saving some $$$ when scrappin'

    Great card!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What tape dispenser do you use to apply the scor tape?

  8. You don't need a tape dispenser for the Scor-Tape. It comes on a roll and you cut a piece the length you want, place it on the paper and then peel off the protective covering.

  9. Hey Diane...I love using the scor tape for glitter...and I recently discovered that you can also using it with embossing powder! Same technique -- and then just use your heat gun to melt the embossing powder! How cool is that?!?!?

    If you use a page of red liner tape to cut out a shape on the Cricut (it has to be a not very detailed cut)you can emboss or glitter the shape....LOVE IT@

  10. Lovely card! I just received this tape and am anxious to try out this neat technique! TFS!


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