Monday, March 30, 2009

Full Page Tiny Scallop

I wanted to make a full page for a layout with a very small scallop on the edge. I have done lots of scalloped shapes using many individual circles aligned around a shape. This time I made the file using a quick and easy method.

Earlier this month I explained how to make a scalloped rectangle using scalloped squares ( here is a LINK to that post). The same method works for combining many small scalloped squares to make a full page with small scallops.

For this file I used a scalloped square from the Storybook cartridge which is highlighted in the screen shot above. If you don't have Storybook, you can use a scalloped square from another cartridge.

I created a row of welded scalloped squares and copied and pasted it to fill the page. I tweaked the sizes a bit to make the design fit the page, filling the "cuttable" area as fully as possible while maintaining the square shape.

Above you can see a close view of the overlapping squares. The scallop at the corner of each square is slightly shallower. If I had nudged the square over two "bumps" the scallops would be exactly the same depth.

Above you can see the squares overlapped by two in the preview screen.

This screen shot of the preview on the blank preview page, clearly shows the slight difference between the double overlap and the single corner overlap.

In the photo above, you can see the cut from the file with the scalloped edge made with just one overlap. The difference in the one scallop is noticeable but I decided that it was not noticeable enough to go back and change the file (I guess I was in a hurry!). Just think of it as a "design choice" to add a bit of interest...

Here is the full page with the tiny scalloped edge. Due to the limitations of the "cuttable"area of the mat, the cut leaves a narrow border when layered on a sheet of 12 x 12 paper.

Above is one more close view of this edge. By using this method you can make a scalloped page with scallops in your preferred size quickly and easily.

Full Page Square with Tiny Scallop

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  1. Thank you for sharing your talent w us!



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