Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bubbly Background (patience required)

I did some cleaning up today - in my house, in my scraproom and in my computer. I found a file that I made quite a while ago but had never cut and decided to test it. It is done with one element from Mini Monograms repeated and welded for a background mesh.

As it was cutting, I remembered why I didn't test the cut when I first made it. This takes a long time to cut. You will have time to read the paper, clean the kitchen and make a few phone calls while you are waiting for it to finish!

The good news is that it cut perfectly so I didn't have to do a second test! Above you can see the cut on the mat after I removed the outer edge of the paper.

When I lifted the cut from the mat, most of the diamond shapes and some of the small dots stayed stuck to the mat.

I saved the diamond shapes - they actually fit perfectly with the leftover diamonds from the cathedral window cut (and if you have been reading my blog for a while you know I never toss these offcuts but save them for future projects...) Here is a LINK to the Cathedral Window post and a photo of the full page cut from that file.

As I said, this design takes a long time to cut and you will also need some time to clean the cut by pushing out all of the little circles that didn't stay stuck on the mat. I did this over the trash but the little circles still went flying everywhere!

I wanted to take a photo of the mesh on a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock but I had trouble getting it to stay flat - so I put a tiny piece of adhesive on the back of each circle with my Creative Memories tape runner (it has a control wheel that allows you to dispense one or two tiny strips at a time).

Here is a close up of the pattern - I have plans for this design - I wonder if any of you can guess what I am going to do with it?

If you have a baby bug, you can cut the half page version which is also in the file (I didn't do a separate test cut because it is simply the same file with the lower rows of circles deleted).

Bubbly Background


  1. Cool design. I don't have this cart but I just love looking at your creations. I love your multitasking recommendations while cutting is occuring! You are too funny. :) Have a great day today and good weekend. Thanks for sharing your ideas and files with us.

  2. Good lord girl when I first saw this design I thought you put all those little circles in their yourself I'm glad to know you didn't, because that would just put too much pressure on me and my creatitivity. Good job TFS you talents with everyone.


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