Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One last chance to guess...

My day did not go as I had planned. Sometimes things just happen... I had been working on a project that I was very excited about, only to find out that it will probably not be used in the way I expected. So, I am rethinking some of my plans for the future. There may be some interesting changes in store for me and this blog.

No one has guessed the cartridge for the lacy flower design yet (I didn't think it would be this difficult). I will give it a little longer and edit this post to add the file sometime during the day on Wednesday. It really is a good idea to try to find the time to sit down and look through all that a cartridge has to offer. You sometimes find the most interesting things in the most unexpected places!

This photo shows the cut next to an open standard size safety pin so you can get a better idea of the delicacy of the cut. This cut was done on Bazzill cardstock, which is quite heavy, so I am even more impressed with the capabilities of the Cricut.

A few people have commented that this design makes them think of the Spirograph toy - I think I still have one of those around here somewhere.... I wonder how this would look done with markers? (Since they are so thick it might just end up a big blur!).

Check back later Wednesday for this file, and I'll be adding a new post Wednesday night as well.

(File download link added 6 p.m. Wednesday)

Lacy Lattice Flower (basic)


  1. Hi Diane, I did not come on to guess because I thought you would be over run with guesses, looks like everyone else thought the same. I think it might be a Doodle Charms image.
    I enjoy your newsletters a lot.

  2. My guess would be Bags Tags and More for the design.

    Thanks for all the help you give me.

  3. I was going to guess George, but changed my mind to Fabulous Finds...

  4. I love the design!! I think it is Fabulous Finds!

  5. Good morning. I love the design as well. I also think it is Fabulous Finds.

  6. Definitely Fabulous Finds... 11th key on the top row from the right. (Or second key, top row, from the left.) :)

    It really does look like a Spirograph design. Very neat!! You can really "think outside the box!"


  7. Is it Don Juan? The oval charm? Letter "B", I think.


  8. I thought it came from Graphically Speaking! Love the design, can't wait to play with it myself!!

  9. I'm guessing Jasmine. That's the closest I've seen.

  10. I see others have guessed now too, but I found it on FF also. Don't have this one.

  11. is it new arrivalcatridge??
    i love it any way.gr, anja from holland

  12. Love the blog and all of your creativity.

    You said that you cut this design out of bazzill. Could I ask what settings you used for:
    blade, pressure and speed. thanks so much


    PS I tried to find your email address on the blog, but couldn't find it..????

  13. It's from Calligraphy Collection - Inspiration! I thought it was Graphically Speaking since I'd been playing with something similar, but the center wasn't right! And Fabulous Finds stuff all came up too chunky!

  14. Congratulations Patty D.!

    You got it right! I never thought it would be so hard for people to guess.

    I'll get the file posted when I get to my other computer.

  15. no wonder don't don't have that cart

  16. I am going to guess Plantin School book. I love this design but don't know how you get your cricut to cut such delicate designs perfectly. I am always having trouble with mine cutting delicate designs.

  17. sigh, well I don't have the calligraphy cart, but I d/l anyway in case I get the cart one day. It really is beautiful. The frist thing I thought of was SpiroGraph, a fave from my childhood. Thanks for your hard work!


  18. I'm thinking Cuttin Up or Indie Art! My best guess of the two would be Indie Art!



  19. This is an amazing file Capadia! What patience to design something like this. I can't wait to try this out. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and your time.


  20. Holy Moly Diane! I just can't get over how AWESOME you are with DS!!! Will you be getting the DS Pro when it's made available??? I always love stopping by your blog to see what else you've created!

  21. you are amazing!! these are so awesome!! thanks for sharing your time with us!!


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