Monday, March 16, 2009

Making a card with my Dad...

Tonight I made a card with my Dad. It is for my stepmother who will be 88 in a few days. I happen to have my baby bug with me because I am going to visit my sister after I leave Dad's and she wants to make some of the bunny candy holders for her grandsons.

I did not pack much in the way of supplies or tools since my sister has most of the basics. Then Dad and I decided to make a card, after the stores were closed. So...with some kid's Crayola markers, some really bright card stock, the little flowers I brought along for the bunnies, no trimmer and not much time, we made this bright and cheery, if somewhat basic card.

The card is huge - 6 x 10 - since we will hand deliver it to the nursing center tomorrow before I leave. We wanted it to be big enough for her to see it from her bed if it is on the bulletin board across the room. The frame is from Storybook, we used the offcut for the inside, the "Happy Birthday" is from Calligraphy Collection and her name is welded in the dropless font on Teardrop. I folded some of the little flowers in half and arranged them in a square, then added another flower in a different color in the center to make a larger flower for the front.

It's amazing how lost I felt trying to do this without my Cuttlebug, Stickles, pens, stamps, ink, ribbons, nestabilities, patterned paper...and all of the other "stuff" I have at home. is the thought that counts and I think she will appreciate our efforts!


  1. that is PERFECT! she will love it...

  2. You are so clever! How special to make it with your Dad.

  3. super card Diane a love Marian

  4. What a fun thing to do with your dad - I love the card - but I love how you shared something you love to do with your dad even more!


  5. Oh that is SO womderful!! Happy Birthday to Maxine :)

  6. Diane, you are just amazing with all of this. I have been trying to learn from your instruction and it is really helpin. I got a new chipboard book from Michael's like the flower one. It is about 6 x 6 and all scalloped. I have been trying to make a cutfile for it. I guess you use circles like you did for the flower. Have you seen them? I will try, but would love your help on sizing, etc. Thanks, Joanne


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