Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Centerpiece

Here is the finished centerpiece I made for the luncheon. I hope the guests enjoy it!

I had the "pot of gold" just hanging around my house - apparently I have had it for years since it still has a price tag in British pounds on the bottom and we moved back to the US from England in 2000 (!) It came from "The Pier" which is the equivalent of "Pier 1" in the States. I thought it was perfect for this arrangement.

On the third page of the file I shared yesterday, there were a variety of shamrocks in various sizes. I cut this page twice, in two different shades of green. I then adhered the shamrocks together in mixed color pairs with a thin wire in between - this way they look nice from either direction.

Above and below you can see the offcuts from these pages - you could even use these as backgrounds for a St. Patrick's Day scrapbook layout.

(I did not design them for this purpose - I was simply trying to squeeze in a lot of different sizes of shamrocks on one page).

On the second page of the file, with the leprechaun cut, there is a pot of gold in the black section. I had two of these from cutting the leprechaun twice and I added Stickles glitter glue for the gold. These were then adhered together with a wire between them.

I put a few pieces of styrofoam packing sheets cut down to fit inside the vase and covered these with some green paper shred. I could then stick the wires in the styrofoam and have the shamrocks and leprechauns stay put in various positions. I cut the wires in random lengths.

When I adhered the green shadow bodies to the backs of my leprechauns (as I showed in yesterday's post) I did not apply any glue in the center of the body. I could then place the wire between the front and back and bend the wire behind a leg so they could be added to the arrangement. (There is glue at the top of the head to keep the wire from poking out). Ideally, I would have made matching symmetrical leprechauns and stuck them together back to front, but at least the green backs help them to blend in with the bouquet.

If you look down carefully into the shamrocks you can find the pot of gold (I skipped the rainbow this time!).

I also made a few extra tent cards for the sign-in tables using the designs I shared last week. I brightened them up with some "lime green" Stickles as you can see in the photo above.

There is still time before St. Patrick's Day for you to make something similar if you are so inclined - this file will help make it go a lot faster for you!

My son is safely delivered to college, I have arrived at my Dad's, and I am quickly posting while my internet connection is working (it goes in and out here). If you have sent me a message I will try to get to it as soon as possible, but now it is time for a father-daughter backgammon game!


  1. OMGosh!! Your St. Patty's centerpiece is darling!! I just love it! The pot of gold made me LOL, too. Super nice job!

  2. Wow.. that was a lot of work, but it turned out so adorable... great job as always

  3. Absolutely love your centerpiece! I think I need to start on one for Easter. Enjoy the time with your dad and give him a hug for me. (I'm rather missing mine quite a bit lately.)


  4. Your St. Pat's centerpiece is really cute and should be well received. Now, what about Easter? Looking forward to seeing your ideas. Have a great day.....

  5. So, so cute! Now I know what to make if I ever need an Irish centerpiece!

  6. Your little guys are adorable. Yes, where do the days go? I just woke up noticing that I hadn't changed the clock. Love daylight savings time though after the initial shock of a lost hour. Have a wonderful and safe weekend.
    Mary Ann


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